See how to search for jobs online in the app


The advancement of technology has brought us many advantages, including being able to do things over the internet that we used to have to leave our homes to do. In this way, search online job vacancies became a reality for many. What's more, this can be done on your cell phone, using a social networking app.

With the possibility of searching for jobs by cell phone, the cost benefit is increased. In addition, you will be able to browse different job options in a more agile and practical way. In addition, you can contact companies from the comfort of your home with just a few clicks on your cell phone.


Therefore, when you become an app user, you will be able to use tools to find the job openings that suit you best. Furthermore, you will have access to a range of employment options. Furthermore, you can set up your own professional profile so that companies notice you and learn more about your training and experience.

online job vacancies
online job vacancies (image from Google)

Discover the app to find online job vacancies

With more than 1 billion downloads on the Play Store and ranked 4th in the Business category on the App Store, this app will provide you with a vast community of professional opportunities. Users of this platform connect with professionals in the sector of interest and create a network of connections to reach the ideal career.

With it you can search for millions of job openings, see job offers and analyze salaries. In addition, you can create a profile with your experiences and your professional highlights. In the same way, you can receive indications through your network of connections. Also, you will receive alerts for new job openings.

Did you find the vacancy you want? Apply quickly and easily using your professional profile, resume or CV. In addition, you can fill out your app profile so that it can be used as a resume and be more practical to apply for jobs. In addition, see tips on how to use this app to find online job vacancies.

How to search online job vacancies by the app

You can search online job vacancies through the app in a practical way. However, there are some tips for getting the ideal job quickly and easily. Therefore, one of them is to make use of the advanced search. When using words like NOT, OR and AND, in addition to using parentheses and quotation marks, the search will be refined. See more tips below:

  • follow the profiles of companies that have the vacancies you want. In this way, you will be able to see firsthand, through the feed, when jobs are offered. What's more, the app allows each user to follow up to 1000 companies!
  • use the vacancy alert. That way, when a job offer with the characteristics you want is offered, you will be alerted and you can be one of the first to analyze it. Also, you can configure the function to alert you daily or weekly;
  • want to work from home? Then filter the job listings to the remote jobs option. In this way, you will also have access to vacancies in other cities and states, and therefore, you will increase the range of job opportunities;
  • use some tools to find recent vacancy announcements. For example, do a normal search, and in the “Tags” option, click on “Publications” and filter the results. This way, you will be shown new publications with the keyword you typed. And therefore you will find recent vacancies.

Furthermore, before putting all these techniques into practice, download the app and create your profile. Don't forget to add all your professional experiences and training. Search for the vacancies you want and use the filter and techniques above so that the results are better refined.

How to download and start using the app

If you liked the functions of this app in online job vacancies and want to download it to find the perfect job, here's how to do it quickly and easily. Furthermore, it will allow you to set up a network of connections with professionals in your area, in addition to following company profiles so that you can find the job more easily.

Therefore, the Linkedin app is available for Android and IOS. So, to download it, go to play store or the app store and click install. Wait until the download is complete. And ready! You can now use the app on your mobile device. Furthermore, how about trying it out and finding the job of your dreams?

What's more, you can use Linkedin to share work news. How to share some article and write publications. Showing the world, in addition to your resume, what you've been reading or thinking about professional matters. Finally, download the app and efficiently get the job you want.