Shopee Delivery Man – How to Apply to Work


See how to be one shopee delivery man and earn a good monthly income. In fact, the company has become a reference in sales "online” in Brazil due to the various benefits of buying or advertising on the platform. As a result, many people have profited from the service of delivering the goods.

Although it has gained great visibility in recent times, Shopee was founded in 2015 in Singapore. Since then, the e-commerce platform has won the hearts of consumers around the world, especially in Brazil. We can say that, currently, it is one of the “startups” most popular on the market.


In this way, being a shopee delivery man may be the solution you are looking for. Due to the high sales demand in thesite“, deliveries keep coming. In addition, it is possible to make this work your main form of income or combine it with other activities. So keep reading and find out more.

shopee delivery man
Shopee courier (Google image)

Shopee Delivery Service

Before finding out how to become a Shopee delivery person, it's important to know what the company's delivery system is like. Thus, it is easier to visualize your possibilities, since the profit is proportional to the number of deliveries completed daily. In that case, know that the demand does not stop.

Without a doubt, Shopee has become a great job generator. This is due to the fact that millions of people looking for an extra income have already joined the work to achieve the dreamed financial independence. Whether it's as a full-time delivery man, or just as an extra in your spare time.

Furthermore, there is no pre-determined delivery time. Therefore, the delivery person himself is the one who makes his schedules and sets a daily work limit. Basically, it's very similar to Uber's system, you receive the available delivery notification and decide whether to accept it or not.

Benefits of registering for the service

Nowadays, it is common to search for an extra form of income to help with expenses at the end of the month. So, among the many options available, being a Shopee courier can offer some good advantages. Therefore, we have prepared a list of benefits to help you decide whether it is worth signing up.

  • Possibility of extra or regular income;
  • Freedom of schedules;
  • Deliveries can be made by car, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot;
  • Possibility to choose the number of deliveries per day.

However, there will always be pros and cons. So one of the disadvantages is that you need to have your own vehicle to carry out deliveries as an aggregate. In addition, you need to include the observation ear on your driver's license, indicating that Performs paid activity, in case of delivery with motorbike or car.

How much does a Shopee Delivery Person make?

Logically, if you're here because you're interested in acting as a Shopee delivery person, you'll want to know in advance how much this activity will earn you. After all, the main objective here is extra income. So, let's talk once and for all what is the possibility of salary with deliveries.

To begin with, understand that a driver can reach monthly earnings of R$3500.00 with deliveries on the site. However, the value of single deliveries varies according to each specific purchase. Basically, you can reach a fixed value of R$4.00 per delivery, even if you only accept the most advantageous ones.

To define whether a delivery is viable, it is worth considering some points before accepting to be its delivery person. For example, if the location of the recipient compensates for the amount of the fee you will receive in the end. In addition, you can program a route and a goal to reach a certain amount per day.

Who can register

A recurring doubt is about who can register to be a Shopee delivery person, after all, it is important to know what are the prerequisites to enter the delivery system of “site“. So, if this is your question, know that anyone who has their own vehicle can be an aggregate.

Without a doubt, having the chance to work and be able to take an extra home with you is the goal of millions of Brazilians today. However, it is not always simple to be admitted to a job vacancy. In this case, Shopee's delivery service offers a simple and bureaucratic registration.

In other words, to be a sales network deliveryman "online“, the first requirement is to want an extra income. Then, you need to decide the vehicle in which you will make the deliveries. Finally, just register and wait for approval to start making as many deliveries every day.

How to be a Shopee courier

So, if you're willing to be a Shopee courier, let's get down to the most important detail: How to register! The process is very simple, so if you have checked the information mentioned above and are aware that the job is for you, we will show you how to register as soon as possible.

First, the delivery system we are talking about is the logistics company Total Express, one of the carriers responsible for deliveries from Shopee and several other famous websites such as Mercado Livre and Amazon. In this way, registration is carried out directly on the official Express website.

After accessing the site, click on the option "Work with us" and then on "I want to be a delivery man“. Finally, enter your data and your vehicle to complete the registration. Once approved, you can profit delivering to Shopee and to all other Total Express partner companies. Anyway, if you liked the tips, follow our blog and see other interesting content.