Laptop or Tablet – Know the advantages and disadvantages of each


notebook or tablet, which is the best choice? Well, for this question to be answered, it is necessary to see that each option combines with different lifestyles. Incidentally, both the tablet and the notebook have unique details that weigh in when choosing. So, find out the advantages and disadvantages of each here.

There are many parameters to decide which is the best. Among them the size of the device, which can influence to make transportation easier. As well as, each person's need for the mode of use. Incidentally, there are those who need equipment to perform several tasks while others just for one time or another.


Therefore, choosing the correct option that meets all your needs is essential for a more viable and comfortable use on a daily basis. In this way, we will present the advantages and disadvantages of the tablet and the notebook to help you in this moment of choice. So, see the details of each one below.

notebook or tablet
notebook or tablet (Playback: Google)

notebook or tablet – What are the advantages of the notebook?

The notebook is a good option for people who need to perform more complex tasks that go beyond simple research. In addition, it has a keyboard and mouse attached that allows for greater speed and comfort when editing photos and videos, writing documents, participating in games and creating programs, for example.

In addition, by having a larger HDD and RAM, the notebook allows you to store more data. As well as running larger programs that require more of the operating system more lightly. In this way, it is more practical to run modern games, programs, as well as various applications that require these types of systems.

In addition, the fact that the screen is larger generates greater comfort when using the notebook. In general, people who need greater productivity and performance in their tasks achieve better results when using equipment such as notebooks instead of tablets, which are more compact.

Which notebook to choose?

There are many notebook options available in the market. In addition, new models appear every day. Thus, it is common to get lost about the best option when buying the model and making the purchase. Therefore, see below two examples of notebooks and their main characteristics.

Samsung E30:

  • Windows 10 operating system;
  • Intel Core i3 processor;
  • 4 GB of RAM memory;
  • 1TB hard drive;
  • 15.6” screen.

Acer Aspire 3:

  • Linux operating system;
  • Intel Celeron dual-core processor;
  • 4GB of RAM memory;
  • 1TB HDD;
  • 15.6 inches.

Despite the similarity between the components, these two notebooks differ in the type of operating system. However, there are laptops with bigger and smaller screens, with different types of processors and RAM. To analyze which one is best for you, just check which one fits best with your use and lifestyle.

notebook or tablet – What are the advantages of the tablet?

The tablet has the great advantage of being compact. The smaller size allows for more comfortable transport compared to the notebook. This way, it fits easily into backpacks and purses, as well as going unnoticed. In addition, tablets allow the touch screen, making use more direct.

Also, the touch screen functionality can replace the graphics tablet. Thus, the tablet becomes a good option for architects and illustrators. In addition, its use can also be advantageous for people who need the equipment for research and simple and quick tasks.

In addition, as it is more compact, it is a good option to use as entertainment for games and movies when traveling and on a daily basis away from home. Being great for the use of children, youth and adults. Finally, tablet hardware is designed to be more energy efficient. In this way, loads tend to last longer.

Which tablet to choose

If the tablet is indeed the best option for your lifestyle, the next question may be which one to choose. There are different types and sizes of tablets on the market. Thus, the size, memory and processor can be determining factors in your choice. So, see the following two options as an example.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019:

  • 10-inch screen;
  • 32 GB internal memory;
  • Octa Core processor;
  • 8MP rear camera;
  • 5MP front camera.

iPad Mini 4:

  • 7.9-inch screen;
  • 128 GB internal memory;
  • chip A8;
  • 8MP camera;
  • Full HD footage.

Screen size and internal memory are important factors when choosing a tablet. In addition, having a good camera for photos and filming are also characteristics that make a difference. There are several options available on the market. So, which one suits your style better?