Cell phone and notebook maintenance course – Find out where to do it at a discount


Make one cell phone maintenance course It is a good option for those who want to earn extra income. In addition, the IT job market is growing more every day. Thus, learning how to fix computers, notebooks and cell phones creates great potential to enter this field.

Nowadays the cell phone has become a daily and essential accessory. Therefore, it is not difficult to see someone with a cell phone when leaving the house. Incidentally, the strange thing is leaving home without one of those devices that help us so much in our daily lives. Likewise, the 2020 pandemic made home office work a reality for most Brazilians.


Thus, it is not difficult to meet someone who uses this object to carry out their daily work, or even to participate in online courses and events. Therefore, knowing how to perform maintenance on computers, notebooks and cell phones is as essential as owning the devices themselves.

Cell phone and notebook maintenance course
Cell phone and notebook maintenance course (Image from Google)

Learn more about cell phone maintenance course

O cell phone maintenance course it is made with unique teaching methodologies and expert educators in the area. In this way, the course aims to offer students mastery over the subject so that they know how to solve the problems and defects that may affect these devices. Therefore, training quality professionals.

The student will have dynamic classes in which interaction is seen as essential for the good fixation of the content. In addition, real situations will be put into practice so that they know how to maintain cell phones and notebooks efficiently on a daily basis. Thus, from the beginning, the student will deal with practical classes.

Moreover, the course seeks to develop values and principles for its students. Furthermore, a good professional needs to be, above all, an excellent human being. Finally, the professors will also give the students tips on entrepreneurship, to help them grow in their professional lives.

See about course content

The course focuses on the entrepreneurial actions of students and future professionals. In this way, tools are used to increase creativity and leadership. In addition, students learn about notions of electricity and electronics. In this way, see below topics covered during the course.

Computers and Laptops:

  • computer operation;
  • tools used in repair;
  • how to detect problems, replace and handle parts;
  • formatting computers and notebooks.

Cell phones:

  • assembly and disassembly of the device;
  • damage repair;
  • microsolder;
  • learning about the software available on the market;
  • connectors and parts replacement.

Thus, the course offers applied knowledge with modules on electronics, maintenance of computers, notebooks, cell phones and tablets. Content that will make the student's knowledge more complete and will prepare him to have greater autonomy in the job market.

Why do the cell phone maintenance course

In Brazil there are almost 430 million digital devices, such as cell phones, tablets and notebooks. That is, more than twice the number of inhabitants. So imagine how many people have to repair one of these devices a day. Undoubtedly, it is a professional area that demands a lot of manpower.

Thus, taking the course is a good opportunity to enter the job market. Even more so in an area like digital devices that has great potential. Therefore, investing in the course is a good option for those who want to enter the job market and earn their own income.

The course is complete, fast and dynamic. Thus, it has a workload of 96 hours and digital material. In addition, the student takes face-to-face classes with an educator for a better fixation of the content. As well as guaranteeing first of all a discount for the cell phone and notebook maintenance course.

where to do cell phone maintenance course with discount

to do the cell phone maintenance course with discount is practical. In addition to CEBRAC (Centro Brasileiro de Cursos) providing the course, the student still guarantees a discount to help with the amount he must disburse. That way, just enter the site and request the special discount.

In addition, to register for the cell phone maintenance course, the student must access the CEBRAC website. In it you will find more information about the course, in addition to being able to access feedback from CEBRAC students.

With almost 3 decades of history, CEBRAC is the most awarded education network in the country. In addition, the certificates of the courses in this network are legitimate throughout Brazil. In this way, at the end of the course, the student will have access to the certificate. How about enrolling in the CEBRAC course today and starting to change your life?