Learn How to Make Money Investing


Earn extra income in Internet It's totally possible nowadays. including, see how to make money investing and understand that this can be one of the best alternatives to make a profit without having to leave your home. So, do like millions of investors and start multiplying your money.

If you don't understand the financial market very well or have never invested before, don't worry, this won't be a problem. That's because there are several guides on the internet to help beginner investors. Thus, in a short time you will be able to understand practically everything you need about the stock market.


So we can't reveal how to make money investing without first talking about B3, the Brazilian stock exchange. You are not the first to be interested in this subject, as there are millions of people in Brazil currently investing in fixed or variable income. Want to know more about it? If so, keep reading.

how to make money investing
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Brazilian stock exchange

If you are Brazilian and want to know how to make money investing, then we need to talk about B3, The Brazilian Stock Exchange that has changed the lives of many people out there. By the way, this could be your cue too, since anyone can start betting on the financial market and achieve surprising results.

To better understand the dimension of what we are talking about, in the year 2022 the B3 reached no less than 5 million people investing in variable income. In addition, for fixed income, this number is even higher, surpassing the mark of 10 million investors.

Economists claim that most of these accounts belong to Brazilians who are having contact with the world of finance for the first time in their lives. This shows how the alternative is viable and, without a doubt, intuitive. In other words, it's an affordable way to make income using your stagnant cash.

Difference between fixed income and variable income

Our intention is to offer good tips on how to make money investing, but first, better understand the difference between fixed income It is variable income. Incidentally, this is a recurring doubt among beginners in this market. In advance, know that it is not mandatory to choose to invest in one or the other, it is possible to invest in both.

Let's start with fixed income, for those looking for security, this is the best option. This is because, in fixed income, it is possible to preview in advance what the income will be according to the amount invested. Therefore, it is a safer way. However, the consequence of this is smaller gains.

As for variable income, we can summarize it in a popular expression “Those who do not risk do not snack“. In other words, it is the medium that offers the greatest risk of losses, without a certain prediction of gains. On the other hand, profitability can be much higher than in fixed income investments.

Tips for profiting from investments as a beginner

For those who have never ventured into the world of finance, figuring out how to make money investing can be a challenge. Luckily, we're here to make that path easier. Therefore, we have separated a list with some basic tips to enter this market more safely.

  • Set a goal for investments, so you better understand your investor profile;
  • Find a good stockbroker to open your account, seek recommendations and see results from other clients;
  • Choose the best strategy for your investor profile, according to your objective. Are you willing to take more risk or less risk? Do you want to have high profit margins or reasonable earnings?
  • Stay tuned for the main news about the financial market, this will let you know about good opportunities and also about eminent risks;
  • Develop the ability to design scenarios and create strategies.

These are some basic indications to start with, but beyond that, a crucial point is to work on emotional control. We cannot deny that it can be a fickle market, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But it's up to you to seek all the necessary information before acting and investing wisely.

Is it possible to make money investing little?

A recurring question is: How to make money investing if I have little capital? Although many people don't know it, entering the financial market even with little money is totally possible. In fact, all your earnings will depend on your investment strategies.

So, even if you start with lower returns, your capital can grow quickly. Thus, in a short time you will be able to invest with a much larger and more profitable amount. There is not even a minimum amount to invest, which can be R$1.00, R$5.00, R$100.00 or whatever you prefer.

However, there are some brokerages that demand higher values, with more tempting gains. But that doesn't rule out so many others that offer affordable transactions where you can invest with very little money. An advantage even to do some tests while learning.

How to open an account to earn money investing

Anyway, if you want to know once and for all how to make money investing little, know that NuInvest is among the best stockbrokers for beginners. Create your account on the investment platform of Nubank It's super simple, just a few clicks and that's it.

  • To get started, go to the official page of NuInvest at "web“;
  • Then click on the button “I want to be NuInvest” to create your account;
  • Then, enter the necessary data, such as name, CPF, "email” and don't forget to create a strong password;
  • Finally, just agree to the Privacy Policy and tap the “register“.

See how simple it is? If you are already a customer of Nubank it gets even easier, just look for the option “Invest” and choose the best investment model to start with. Finally, we hope that the information that we brought here can help you. If you want to know about other alternatives on how to earn money in “Internet“, check out the content of our blog.