How to Make Money with Photos on Google? See how


know how to make money from google photos and get an extra income using only your cell phone. Although many people don't know it, there are sites that specialize in image monetization that guarantee a good profit for those who share quality content.

In addition, these platforms function as a way to promote the work of photographers and graphic arts professionals. Basically, they allow the purchase and sale of images of the most varied models and themes. Undoubtedly, an excellent option for those who want to make an extra income.


Therefore, if you have a good collection at a standstill or intend to create one, you need to check out these options on how to make money from photos on google. By the way, there are several platforms and you can share the same image on all of them, more than once and earn a lot.

how to make money from google photos
how to make money from photos on google (google image)

About selling photos on the internet

Beforehand, let's talk about how to make money from photos on Google without having to be a professional photographer. Surely, this information can raise the hopes of many people. That's because, some people create very high quality material just because they like photographs.

So, an extra income can come from a hobby. However, even if it is not mandatory to be a photographer to participate in this, it is essential that the images have a good resolution and meet some conditions. In this case, each platform provides the minimum requirements required to approve new images.

The quality of its equipment is indifferent for image banks, but for customers it can be an important and decisive point. Considering that you would be competing with other photographs, the better the quality of your camera, the more chances your work has of being chosen.

Who are the customers who buy these images

But after all, before knowing how to make money with photos on Google, let's better understand who your customers would be. Basically, you know them and may even have been one of them. In short, these customers are people who search for photos on Google, click on one of the results and download a file.

In some cases, it may be a separate search, for an image of a specific theme. By the way, this type of search is the most common. However, some people work producing content, social media, communication agencies or the like and often end up needing images for commercial use.

So, in both cases these customers will buy the photo, whether they are a monthly subscriber to the site in question or even if they are making a one-time purchase. That way, whenever one of your photos is acquired, you receive “royalties" for her. The value depends on each platform.

How to sell your images to make money on Google

Know that understanding how to make money with photos on Google is not such a difficult task, but to succeed and make significant gains, you can take some actions. In other words, pay attention to some points to make your material more attractive and different from the ordinary. See some tips:

  • Choose a photography niche, for example, photos of objects, architecture, babies, nature, etc. This way, customers will know your specialty;
  • Research the best platforms to promote your work. It is worth considering those that are most used and that pay better;
  • Disclose the same files on more than one platform, so you increase the chances of sale;
  • Invest in good equipment, when you can, so you increase the quality of your photos;
  • Be creative. Getting away from the ordinary can attract more attention from customers.

Basically, if you already work with photos, it won't be difficult to follow these tips and improve your work. On the other hand, if you are a beginner and want to start from scratch, you won't have too many obstacles ahead of you either. After all, these sites are a good alternative for anyone to earn extra income.

Accepted file formats

So that you can start monetizing your photos as soon as possible, it's good to start planning about the types of files that can be shared. Thus, you reduce the chances of disapproval and increase your opportunities. That's because, you can sell photos in many different formats.

Although our topic is about how to make money with photos on google, the term photos can be very broad. Since it is not limited to images exclusively photographed using professional cameras or smartphones. In other words, you can also sell images created in graphics programs.

For the sake of understanding, consider that each “site” will have your specification about accepted file types. But generally, the most common formats are JPG, PNG and SVG. In addition, it is necessary to check the specifications on dimensions and file size to avoid rework.

8 sites to earn money with photos on Google

So, if you've come this far to find out how to make money with photos on google, the previous tips will probably be a good guide to get started. However, the most important thing we left for last, which is a list of 8 popular sites to promote your material. Check it out and choose the best:

  • adobe stock: Commission of 33% for each image, in addition to being able to share files directly from Adobe programs;
  • alamy: You "royalties” by exclusive images can reach 50%. Furthermore, students receive the full value of sales in the first two years of partnership;
  • 123RF: Commissions depend on the quantity of photo purchased, and may vary between 30 and 60%;
  • Can Stock Photo: With "royalties” that can reach up to 50%, it is still possible to earn with the referral program;
  • Dreamstime: Commissions between 20 and 50% per image downloaded, plus an additional 10% on exclusive images;
  • FineArt America: For sale of printed photos, the site focuses on artistic works such as painting, digital art and illustrations;
  • Photo Shelter: Create a mini site within the platform, define the value for each photo yourself and take up to 85% of commission on top of that value. However, to take advantage of this tool, you need to purchase a monthly subscription that costs between U$ 10 and U$ 50 per month;
  • Shutterstock: One of the most traditional in selling and buying images “online“. However, it offers gains between 20 and 30% per image alone. Also, to start with, you need to have 10 photos approved on the platform.

So these are some of the best alternatives to start selling your photos. It is worth mentioning that, having the photo approved in a site does not guarantee the bonus, the profit will be taxed only when your material is downloaded. Anyway, we hope these tips can help you. If you liked it, check out other themes on our blog.