How to Make Money With Iti App? Know how


find it out how to make money with iti app, the Itaú bank app. In addition to functioning as an efficient payment platform, it still offers “cashback” to its users. In other words, you pay your bills"online” and get extra money from it.

You "cashbacks” are increasingly common in the digital world, because companies want to attract and keep their customers. So, those who offer the best proposals for “earn money back“. After all, who doesn't want to make a profit on their cell phone?


Following this context, you must be curious to know how to make money with iti app. Beforehand, know that it has no secrets. So, keep reading to understand everything about it and start profiting from this tool as soon as possible. After all, there'scashback” waiting for you at Iti.

how to make money with iti app
how to make money with iti app (google image)

About Itimania

To learn how to make money with the Iti app, first of all you need to understand what Itimania is. To begin with, you are probably familiar with Itaú Unibanco, as it is the largest private bank in Brazil. So, the Itimania program is nothing more than a part of this financial group.

Although the main objective of the app is to facilitate financial transactions, providing comfort to its customers, it is also possible to earn extra income by completing weekly missions. However, earnings can vary, depending on the type of challenge the user has completed.

Overall, Iti operates like a digital wallet. Incidentally, this new way of taking care of personal finances is increasingly common. Therefore, there are numerous options available if you want practicality, but Iti will definitely surprise you. So, don't waste time and see how to embark on this experience.

main features

We'll show you how to earn money with the Iti app using only your cell phone, but first, see how the app can be useful for your day to day. After all, do you know how a digital wallet works? Basically, it's a simplified way of dealing with finance. So, see how Iti can help you:

  • Make transfers between Iti accounts using your credit card;
  • Receive payments from any bank account;
  • Pay boletos with your digital wallet balance or with your credit card;
  • Send charges;
  • Make cell phone recharges;
  • Withdraw your balance at Banco24Horas ATMs;
  • Get discounts and benefits when buying products from various brands; and much more.

It is worth noting that ATM withdrawals have a limit, so it is possible to withdraw amounts between R$20.00 and R$600.00 per day. Also, the application is free, free of monthly fees and fees. With the exception of the transaction fee, however, this is imposed only for companies.

Who can earn money with the Iti app

You're here to find out how to make money with the Iti app, but after all, do you have the right to take advantage of this tool? The answer is simple, anyone can create their account and start completing missions. This way, you will quickly have a good balance of “cashbacks” to cash out.

A common question is about the need to be an Itaú bank customer in order to register in the Iti application. Although they belong to the same business group, they are different accounts and one is independent of the other. That is, it is not necessary to have an account at Itaú bank to use the Iti program.

So, what you need to start your digital account right now is to be of legal age and reside in Brazil. In addition, the application is free for individuals and it is not necessary to prove income. So, fulfilling the requirements, just make your registration and wait for the analysis.

How to make money with Iti app

If you are looking for an extra income, then knowing how to earn money with the Iti app may be the solution. Basically, there are two ways to earn income, through the referral program or daily missions. However, the gain will depend on the performance of each user.

In the first option, you share your invitation link and receive a bonus when someone registers on the platform with your referral. To get your link is very simple, just click on the option “Invite a friend” and take advantage of 10 indications, being able to earn R$10.00 for each one of them.

In the second case, the user participates in daily missions, having to complete the challenge of the week to get the prize. An example of a mission would be to top up a minimum amount of R$15.00 by a certain date, if you do so, the user will receive R$5.00 back in your Iti account.

Get the app

Now you know how to make money with the Iti app, so it's time to start. The first step is to download the application on your “smartphone", available to android or iOS. To learn how to proceed, see the step by step below and do the same through your device.

  • First, go to your phone's app store;
  • After that, tap the search bar at the top of the screen and type “iti”;
  • The tool will be at the top of the results, with a pink design and named “iti: free digital bank”. Then, click on it to see more details;
  • To finish, tap the button that indicates the download “Install” or “To obtain" and ready.

After downloading the app, the next step is to create your account. For this, the process is also very simple and intuitive, just open the application and follow the guidelines to register. Finally, did you like content? So, follow our blog and see other ways to get “cashback”.