How to Make Money with Application on the Internet? learn how


Look how to earn money with internet app and earn extra income in a very simple way. Basically, you'll just need your “smartphone", access to "Internet” and a few minutes of dedication a day. That's right! Just a few minutes and the results start to show.

Digital inclusion has changed the lives of many people and job opportunities “online” are diverse. However, not all proposals found in the "Internet" They are true. Therefore, great care must be taken when providing data in applications that promise income.


So to know how to earn money with internet app safely, we'll show you some options here. In short, there are five applications that pay users to answer surveys. Generally, about personal habits or evaluation of products sold by the "Internet”.

how to earn money with internet app
how to make money with app on the internet (Google image)

Earn rewards with Google Opinion Rewards

Impossible to talk about how to earn money with an application on the internet and not mention the Google Opinion Rewards. That's because, the tool offers rewards for users to answer quick surveys. Thus, they can accumulate credits in the balance to use later.

However, the application is only available for devices android. By the way, we can say that it is exclusive to system users, since the credits are saved in the Google Play Store. Therefore, you use your balance to purchase products from the store, such as movies, books, games, etc.

It is worth mentioning that the redemption of the amount earned is not through bank withdrawals, that is, it is not possible to use the amount for other purposes. However, it is worth downloading the app and participating in the surveys. That way, you have a balance to use on the Play Store whenever necessary.

Earn extra income on the internet with the Pinion app

If you want to know how to make money with an app on the internet, then the Pinion will interest you. Basically, it's a tool that pays you to give your opinion. That's right! You give your opinion, Pinion pays you. And the best part is that it can be downloaded on mobile phones. android It is iOS.

So, the app provides surveys about brands, products and services, for users to participate by expressing their opinion. In addition, forms with personal questions also appear, such as about the user's family or even details about the house where he lives.

The surveys can be answered in a few minutes by cell phone, but in some cases it is more laborious, requiring visits to establishments and markets to complete the mission, with the advantage of earning more for it. Anyway, after accumulating R$25.00, it is possible to redeem the value via PIX.

Earn money online with Stretbees app

Another option to earn money with an application on the internet just by answering quick surveys. O streetbees is an app available for mobile phones android It is iOS, with missions that are called stories, and can even include sending media, such as photos and videos.

In short, the operation of the app is very simple. To participate, the user chooses a story (research) and pays attention to the answer. After that, just send it for review and wait for approval. What's more, missions can be completed in less than 5 minutes, which is a great advantage.

But after all, how much can you earn with Stretbees? If this is your question, know that the app pays each user up to R$20.00 per story. So, your earnings in the end will depend on your performance, the more surveys completed, the greater the profit. And the credit is available in a PayPal account for withdrawals.

Use Poll Pay to earn fast

Now let's talk about an even more practical option, because with the Poll Pay you complete missions and receive on time. That is, a minimum balance is not required for redemption, as is the case on other platforms. What's more, the app is available for mobile phones. android It is iOS.

So, Poll Pay can be one of the best solutions on how to make money with an app on the internet. However, the tool has a disadvantage, which is the absence of Portuguese in the list of main languages. But if this is not a problem for you, you will definitely enjoy the user experience.

What's more, you'll be pleased to know that the rewards are paid out in dollars. Thus, after completing missions and receiving credits, you can choose how to redeem the amount. There are two alternatives, sending it to a PayPal account or using it for purchases on Netflix, Google Play Store, iTunes, Amazon and Xbox brands.

Curious Cat: Paid Surveys

So, let's finish the topic on how to earn money with an application on the internet with Curious Cat. This is another paid survey system, with a differential that is the "cat mustache”, an intelligent algorithm capable of finding the highest paying tasks. Understand how it works:

  • First, download the Curious Cat on your Android or iOS device;
  • Then open the application and follow the instructions to fill in the profile data;
  • Then, according to the reported characteristics, the app starts offering missions that need to be completed in up to 60 minutes;
  • Complete the missions correctly and earn a credit of 20 to 200 points in each one of them;
  • Thus, for every 100 points accumulated in the app, you earn £1. The amount is credited directly to your PayPal account.

One of the best advantages of Curious Cat is that there are no hidden fees, and transfers are made using up-to-date exchange rates. Finally, we hope that the tips on how to earn money from apps help you get some extra earnings. If you liked it, follow our blog to see other interesting subjects.