How to Make Money Indicating Real Estate – Learn to Invoice


know how to earn money referring real estate and boost your monthly income. Contrary to popular belief, this is one of the simplest ways to earn money using your cell phone. In fact, there are countless alternatives to profit from the "Internet”, it remains to be seen which options are more advantageous.

So we're here to talk specifically about real estate trading. And before doubts arise, understand that you just need to go around and find properties that are for sale or for rent. Also, it's good to know some strategies to do well in this business.


So, check out the tips we prepared on how to earn money referring real estate. After all, before you start, you need to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of work. Read on to clear all your doubts and start earning as soon as possible.

how to earn money referring real estate
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About indicating real estate

First of all, let's understand better how to earn money referring real estate and what this work consists of. In fact, it can be a very simple task and easy to reconcile with other services. Even for those who have a steady job, indicating real estate would yield a good extra.

If you are in the habit of leaving the house a lot, you probably see a lot of "for sale” or “for rent”. So, that's where the secret of the business is, you just need to indicate these addresses. After that, you'll be more aware when you walk around, won't you? Because the more referrals, the greater your profit.

But after all, who will pay for these indications? This is the most important question. Although many people don't know it, there are several real estate agencies that pay for this information. In other words, let's say it's a paid partnership. Thus, both parties benefit.

Main advantages

We are going to show here how to earn money by referring real estate, but first, see some of the biggest advantages of entering this market. After checking the following list, it will be clearer if the job is viable for you, considering the conditions and possibilities for more profitability.

  • Easy to reconcile with other activities, whether permanent work or not;
  • Take advantage of the routes you already take on a daily basis to collect information, without having to leave your route;
  • Take advantage of opportunities to fully complete the referral process “online”, since many real estate agencies adopt this methodology;
  • For those residing in larger municipalities, the chances of finding companies to partner with are numerous;
  • Some companies accept registration “online”;
  • Affiliate with several companies at the same time, the more possibilities, the greater the profits.

In addition, if you have free time and disposition, you can go in search of properties to indicate. Since, if you only stick to your usual route, you can limit your earnings. So, a few laps around might be the cue you need to close the month on a high note.

Is it worth working with indications

So, you can already see that knowing how to earn money by referring real estate is not enough, you have to act. As with any other activity we perform, the end result will be proportional to the level of dedication. But after all, is the opportunity in question worth it?

The fact is that we need to be realistic, so logically the real estate referral service has its disadvantages. It remains to be seen whether they will be a hindrance for you. So, one of the first points to pay attention to is the location, since smaller cities will have fewer properties for you to indicate.

Another issue is that not every card you find out there will be able to convert you, because many of them are already in contact with real estate agents. That is, you need to look for privately contracted properties, refer these contacts to real estate agents and earn a bonus in case of conversion.

How to earn money referring real estate

To learn how to earn money by referring real estate, stay tuned for these tips. The first step to start making money is to find companies that offer referral commissions. So, they can be real estate agencies in your city or even virtual platforms that promote real estate.

Nowadays, it is very common to find partnerships for this service in Brazil. However, it is important to look for companies that operate in the region where you live or are interested in working. In that case, a real estate agency near you may be ideal for an initial experience.

Some locations have a greater flow of properties for sale and lease. To improve your results, you can find these places and collect some contacts. In larger cities, new neighborhoods have this advantage, becoming a great option for taking a walk.

Platforms to earn money referring real estate

To guide you through this process on how to earn money by referring real estate, we have prepared a list of some virtual platforms that are very popular in this matter. So, take advantage of the tip to explore partnership options and start making your extra income.

  • Fifth floor (;
  • Mining House (;
  • Sperinde (;
  • Cycle Real Estate Developments (;
  • Provence (

So these are some options for making money with real estate referrals. Check which of these platforms works in a coverage area near you and get to work. Finally, our aim is always to bring information that may be useful to our readers, if you liked it, check out other posts on our blog.