Make Money With Youtube Views – Learn How


Did you know it's possible earn money from youtube views? By the way, the platform is one of the pioneers when it comes to making money by creating video content. So, if what you want is to know a little more about how monetization works on this network, keep reading.

Nowadays, thousands of people make a good income as content creators. Or rather, as digital influencers. The truth is that there are countless options to make money. “online”, if you are a creative person, the opportunities are even greater.


So, let's highlight here the most important points to start earn money from youtube views. Furthermore, understand once and for all how payment works on the platform. After that, you will have no more doubts if this is the path to success for you.

earn money from youtube views
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About YouTube

Before showing you what it takes to earn money from YouTube views, let's understand a little more about this social network. To begin with, YouTube is nothing more than an exclusive platform for sharing videos, consequently also for consuming content.

The network was created in February 2005 by a trio of former PayPal employees. The following year, Google ended up buying YouTube for no less than US$ 1.65 billion. Certainly, it was already to be imagined that 16 years later the social network would have more than 2.5 billion active users.

The platform hosts content of the most varied genres, including movies, video lessons, homemade tutorials, comedy videos, product reviews, “lives" and much more. So, anyone can have a YouTube channel and share the subject they find most interesting.

How much does a YouTuber earn

To earn money from views on YouTube, first of all, you need to understand your guidelines. Since, the amount to be paid to each user depends on the chosen monetization method. However, in any situation, a portion of the value is directed to the site itself.

To understand better, imagine that you will opt for the Affiliate Program, in which case you can receive from US$ 0.25 to US$4.00 for each view of a single ad in your video. They are the famous advertisements that appear frequently when watching any video on YouTube.

The number of subscribers on your channel will greatly influence your profitability, as it depends on views. So, the bigger your audience, the bigger your profit. By the way, to give you an idea, Luccas Neto, one of the biggest YouTubers in Brazil, has a network with more than 36 million subscribers.

How is the payment done

Before you start making money from views on YouTube, it's good to know where you can get your money. Many social networks that generate income pay users via PIX or bank transfer, but be aware that YouTube is a little different.

So, know that to redeem your money from YouTube, you will need to be registered with AdSence. This is because the network pays its content creators through Google's advertising platform, namely AdSence. So, if you don't have a record, it's good to start making yours.

In addition, the channel administrator needs to link it to your AdSence account, for that, you may need to go to a bank branch to generate a security PIN. It is important to note that payments are made in dollars and withdrawals can only be made when the balance is at least US$ 100.00.

Ways to earn money from views on Youtube

If you're here because you plan on making money from YouTube views, then let's get down to business. After all, what are the alternatives to enter this world of content creators? So, see how Digital Influencers have won the world with YouTube:

  • through ads: The most common way to earn profits from YouTube. That way, all advertising that appears on your video will generate income;
  • channel clubs: Exclusive for YouTubers with more than 30,000 subscribers on the channel. These can offer private content through a monthly subscription;
  • Super Chat and Super Stickers: They are, respectively, donations and exclusive stickers. The feature allows viewers to donate between R$1.00 and R$500.00 on live streams. Depending on the amount donated, the user will have their sticker or comment highlighted in the chat for a certain time;
  • YouTube Premium: In this modality, YouTubers registered in the Partnership Program earn a portion of the subscription fees for the paid version of YouTube. Thus, regardless of advertisements, revenue will be paid according to the number of premium subscribers who consumed the channel's content;
  • product shelf: Exclusive for channels that have more than 10,000 subscribers. These could feature products in an online store embedded in your channel.

So, the options for earning extra income with YouTube are many. It's no wonder that the network keeps growing, as the number of Content Creators also only increases. You can be one of them if you start today, after all, anyone can share what they like or knowledge they have.

How to create your channel and earn from views on Youtube

Last but not least, to earn money from views on YouTube, you first need to have your channel on the network. So to create one is quite simple. Remember that just accessing the site and having access to the videos does not mean you have a channel. For this, check out the step by step:

  • First, access the site from YouTube, whether from a computer or an Android or iOS smartphone;
  • Then log in normally;
  • Then, tap on the profile picture icon and click on the “Create a channel” option;
  • Thus, a window will appear to start your registration;
  • After informing and verifying all the requested information, just confirm and your YouTube channel will be ready.

See how simple it is? After that, you can start exploring all the opportunities that YouTube offers its users. Share creative videos and interesting to get a good recipe. But don't forget to create an AdSence account to withdraw your “cash”. Anyway, if you liked the tip, follow our blog.