Make Money With Pay Recharge – See How


see how earn money with Recarga Pay, a digital wallet application that promises good profits to its users. But how? The answer is quite simple: Offering “cashback” in transactions carried out within the platform. That is, you pay your bills and still earn money back.

What's more, the payments application has several other functions. For example, cell phone recharge, bill payment and transfer between users. The best thing is that you can have this incredible tool in the palm of your hand, being able to use it at “smartphone” or “desktop“.


The first step to earn money with Recarga Pay is to download the application. So, just access and explore all the possibilities that the tool has. So, if you're interested in knowing more about it, keep reading. We'll show you the biggest advantages of using the app here.

earn money with Recarga Pay
earn money with Recarga Pay (Google image)

About Recharge Pay

Although there are currently several digital wallet options, this may be one of the best. In addition to having a complete tool to manage thes finance personal, the user can yet earn money with Recarga Pay. After all, who wouldn't want an extra income?

First of all, understand that Recarga Pay is a “fintech“, that is, a company that offers a financial solution in a digital and practical way. Even more so if we compare it with the traditional finance model, where any service required the customer to travel to a bank branch.

Although it was founded by Argentines in 2010, Recarga Pay currently operates only in Brazil. At first, the intention was to develop a platform that would simplify basic day-to-day transactions. Thus, people could do financial services easily by cell phone. Well, the idea went even further.

Is profiting with Recarga Pay safe? It is free?

Earning money with Recarga Pay is very simple, so anyone can take advantage of the app's best features. Incidentally, it is quite useful for making payments and recharging your cell phone without having to leave your home. But after all, is the platform safe? This is a recurring question.

So, know that yes, Recarga Pay is a reliable company and has the certification of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – PCI. This guarantees a high level of data protection for platform users. In addition, all transactions are carried out with protocol TLS.

Recarga Pay has a free version, however, some functions are only released by subscribing to the monthly plan. An example is thecashbacks” with lower value or even reduced payment limits for users “free“. Still, the app remains a good alternative.

Main features of the platform

Before discovering how to earn money with Recarga Pay, understand what you can enjoy on the platform. After all, we already know that it is possible to get good “cashbacks” in transactions. But, see if the app will be really useful for your day to day life by checking the following list with the main functions:

  • Have a free digital account;
  • Make payments with the balance in your wallet or by credit card;
  • Make cell phone recharges;
  • Pay bank slips in one click;
  • Purchase prepaid cards to use with Uber;
  • Make transfers between friends.

In addition, new users immediately earn a R$10.00 coupon for their first top-up via the app. And the payment functions "online” facilitate the modern and busy life that, incidentally, is the reality of most Brazilians and people around the world today.

Ways to earn money with Recarga Pay

If you've come this far and want to know what to do to earn money with Recarga Pay, then let's get down to business. In fact, there are several alternatives to accumulate “cashback” in the digital wallet. Including all the money earned is added to your balance and can be withdrawn later.

  • Download the RecargaPay app and register using a friend's invitation code, so your first payment will have R$10.00 reais credited to your account to use in future transactions;
  • Refer friends. They use your invite code and you earn R$10.00. But only if your referral's first purchase is greater than R$10.00;
  • Pay any type of account or bank slip and receive up to R$0.60 for each transaction, as long as it is done within the platform;
  • Sell cell phone recharge, personally or to third parties. So you get back a portion of the amount paid, usually between 3% to 5%;
  • Sell transport card recharge in the Prime Plan and receive up to R$9.95 in the sale of 10 cards;
  • Sell Tele Sena, Vale Gás, Vale Presente and others. So you get cash back as per your subscription plan.

Invoicing at the end of the month will depend on your performance in the application. Best of all, you can practice selling to third parties and earn a percentage of the value. One example is gift cards, with products such as: Xbox, Netflix, Uber, Free Fire, Netshoes, iFood and much more.

Become a RecargaPay partner

Finally, see how to be a partner and start earning money with Recarga Pay. In addition, being a partner you have the chance to boost your business, generate more flow and earn extra with recharges and other services. Then, follow the steps to register:

  • Start by visiting the Pay top up;
  • On the home page, in the option “The app for your businessclick on the button "Be a Recarga Pay partner”;
  • After that, fill out the contact form, informing name, e-mail and telephone.
  • Then, wait for a representative to contact you to complete your registration on the platform.

On the other hand, it is also possible to choose the option “The App for You” and create a personal account. That way, you enjoy the best functions of the app to control your finances from your cell phone. We hope that tips been useful to you, if you liked it, follow our blog to check out other interesting subjects.