C6 Tag – Stop Wasting Time at Tolls and Parking


As C6 Tag you avoid queues at parking lots and toll booths, in addition to enjoying exclusive benefits for new users. Have you ever thought about not having to carry cash around and enjoying an automated billing system? All this is possible with the amazing Vehicle Tag.

If you've never heard of this tool, then you need to check out the information we're going to show you below. After all, it may be the answer you are looking for to speed up time in routine traffic. Not to mention that, if you need to park anywhere, just one click to pay.


Then the C6 Tag is part of one of the best digital banks in "Internet”. With it, you guarantee day-to-day practicality, enjoy a free digital account, take advantage of the credit card function and even have the possibility of making investments. “online”. Keep reading and see how to apply for the service.

C6 Tag
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About C6 Bank

Before talking about C6 Tag, let's better understand who offers this service. You may have already heard about C6 Bank, the company operates similarly to the giants Nubank and Inter. Furthermore, the main differentiating point of these institutions is the totallyonline.

C6 Bank was created in Brazil in 2018 by former partners of BTG Pactual, Leandro Torres, Marcelo Kalim and Carlos Fonseca. Currently, the bank already has more than 20 million active customers on its platform. And it's no wonder, as the company keeps growing and establishing new partnerships.

So, among the various services offered by C6 Bank, the Vehicle Tag function has attracted the attention of Brazilians. Although many people still don't know it, the tool can greatly facilitate the process with tolls and parking lots. Incidentally, everything is becoming more practical and automated.

What is a Vehicle Tag

For those who are not used to this modernity, understand once and for all what the C6 Tag is all about. Know that the vehicle tag is nothing more than a card attached to the windshield of vehicles. This makes it possible to pay automatically when passing through toll booths or parking.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the acceptability of the service in some places, to avoid unpleasant situations. This is because some establishments may not have joined the system yet and require payment in the traditional way. In this case, it would not be possible to use the Tag.

On the other hand, the number of establishments that have an automated payment system is increasing. Undoubtedly, the possibility of making the flow of traffic more agile, benefits not only drivers, but also traders who can increase their earnings.

Who is the C6 Tag for

After all, who can jump on this C6 Tag bandwagon? So, the fact is that anyone can join the easy and fast payment. Incidentally, the service is available at C6 Bank for individuals and companies. This and several other services can be contracted for you, for MEI or for companies.

Although there are other companies that offer the Vehicular Tag function, C6 Bank presents some good differentials. One of them is that it has Veloe technology and is accepted on highways and parking lots throughout Brazil. So it's hard to say it's not worth trying.

So, all you need is to create your C6 Bank account and find an establishment that is covered by partner Veloe. You avoid queues and you can even activate automatic debit, so payment is charged when the service is activated. On the other hand, you can still choose to pay everything later.

How to open a C6 Tag account

If you've come this far and want to know how to be able to use the benefits of the C6 Tag, then let's get down to business. First, be aware that to hire the service, you must have an account at C6 Bank. As already mentioned, it is the digital bank that makes the Vehicular Tag available.

So, to create your account and access the automatic payment function at tolls and parking lots, start by accessing the bank's official website. Then, right on the home page, click on the button “open your account”, located in the upper right corner of the screen. Thus, you will be directed to the app store.

The entire registration process is done through the app, so as soon as you do “download”, just open the application on your cell phone and follow the instructions to create your account. The Tag, in turn, can be requested by the app when opening the account or afterwards. Finally, the card will be sent to your indicated address.

Other alternatives

In addition to the C6 Tag, there are also other options available to subscribe to the Vehicle Tag. So, so that you can explore the possibilities, we have listed below four tools that promise to streamline your life in this regard. It is worth mentioning that, in some cases, a fee is charged for using the Tag.

  • Bypassing Mercado Pago: Monthly fee of R$12.90 with the first three months free;
  • Inter TAG: Monthly fee and membership fee in the amount of R$30.00;
  • TAG Itaú: Membership fee worth R$20.00 with free monthly fees;
  • BTG Go: Totally free service for BTG Pactual customers.

C6 Tag provided the service free of charge, however, it recently started charging R$5.00 per month for customers to keep the function active. Finally, we hope that the tips have been useful and can help you to waste less time in tolls and parking from now on. If you liked it, visit our blog and see other interesting subjects.