Brechó Online – See How to Sell Clothes You Don’t Wear Anymore


meet the better online thrift store to sell used clothes. After all, the practice of letting go of pieces that are standing in the closet is increasingly popular and there is no shortage of means of communication to publicize these items. What's more, it's a great choice for practicing conscious fashion.

Although many people have the custom of donating clothes they no longer use, some pieces “valuable” tend to stay in the attachment for quite a while. This happens a lot with items from famous brands, purchased for a relatively high price and left aside over time. In that case, selling is ideal.


So if you are looking for a online thrift store to practice some detachments, keep reading and see what we have prepared here. Beforehand, know that we are going to talk about an incredible virtual platform to sell pieces from the best brands, such as Zara, Colcci, adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Arezzo and many others.

online thrift store
online thrift store (image from google)

Advantages of selling used clothes

Before entering the world of online thrift store, better understand what your benefits will be from this. In fact, it's good to analyze if it's really worth it. For this, we have prepared a list of the main advantages of using a specialized website and selling your used items.

  • Free up closet space;
  • Contribute to conscious and sustainable fashion;
  • Get some extra money;
  • Help NGOs and Partners for Good;
  • Reverse part of the investment spent on products that you no longer use;
  • Acquire different pieces by selling the old ones;
  • Promote on platforms that do all the sales work; and much more.

Also, when you place your parts on a “e-commerce” expert, has the chance to visualize new opportunities to mine. In other words, it already disposes of one piece and acquires another. Of course, if your goal is to diversify the options in your wardrobe and get rid of those pieces that you've grown tired of.

How much to charge for parts

If you are going to sell used items at an online thrift store, then be aware that you will have to price your products. This can be the most confusing part of the process for many. However, it is worth considering some points. Thus, it is fair for you and also for the consumer who will purchase the piece.

  • How much did I pay for the new item?
  • How long did I use it?
  • What state of conservation is it now?
  • When would I agree to pay if I was buying?

Anyway, consciously answering these four questions, it will be much easier to price. The most important thing is to assess whether the item is well maintained, then charging an amount that is proportional to this condition. It is also worth mentioning that part of the value of your sales is for the website on which you are advertising.

thrift shop online

Although there are several online thrift store options to sell items you no longer use, such as clothes, bags, shoes or accessories, the pass on It has excelled. The virtual sales platform has incredible proposals to encourage the letting go of items that are no longer used and are just taking up space.

In addition to having a specialized website, Repassa is also on the main social networks of the moment, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. Thus, you are even closer to the causes adopted by the company. And best of all, your only job will be deciding to sell and ship your parts.

The foundation aims to change the world through wardrobe pieces that are no longer used. Without a doubt, this could be the initiative that was missing for you to let go, either to get some extra money or even to help a charity. Thus, you contribute to a social and environmental impact.

How to sell online thrift store

Repassa is a very practical online thrift store to designate a direction for your idle clothes. After all, it's quite common to acquire a frilly piece and get sick of it shortly afterwards. In that case, you can order your Sacola do Bem directly on the website and start moving your closet. See how to proceed:

  • First, access the website and click on the option “Sell with your good bag”;
  • On the next page, tap the button “Ask for your good bag”;
  • After completing your order, a bag will be sent to your address. So, fill it with all the items you no longer use and want to repost;
  • Then send the bag back and Repassa takes care of the entire process of selling your parts.

See how simple it is? Once your parts are sold on the site, you can receive 60% from the total sales amount. Also, if you want to use your payment for purchases, you will get a 10% discount. You can either choose to support a cause or transfer the balance directly to your bank account.

Other options

So, now you know that you can sell your used clothes, shoes and accessories through site Go over. Certainly, a great opportunity to give more life cycles to your products and also support some NGOs. But, there are still other options to sell online, here are some:

  • I got sick;
  • Free market;
  • Olx;
  • Elo7;
  • Marketplace.

If you have already decided that you are really going to give up what is no longer useful, then there is no shortage of options to help you with sales. By the way, the five sites indicated above still serve to offer products of the most varied genres, not just fashion. Anyway, if you enjoyed the content, check out other interesting subjects on our blog.