Free Digital Antenna Kit – Here's How to Get One


Families registered in the Single Registry of the Federal Government can receive a free digital antenna kit, but with some conditions. At first, the new kits will be delivered to mitigate the damage that may be caused by the arrival of 5G. In this case, for those who use the satellite dish.

In July of this year, the 5G signal began to operate in all 27 Brazilian capitals. In summary, it is an evolution to the fifth generation in the cell phone network. However, since the project began to be mentioned, there were rumors that the conventional signal would be turned off, was it?


So read on to see who's entitled to the free digital antenna kit and how to register to receive. Also, understand more about the 5G signal and everything that changes with the arrival of this new technology. Without a doubt, you will be pleased to know that we are facing a more powerful and faster network.

free digital antenna kit
free digital antenna kit (google image)

What is 5G signal

The action of distributing a free digital antenna kit is not by chance, the fact is that a new generation of mobile networks is coming and can interfere with the quality of the old signal. In short, the 5G network was designed to meet the growing demand for information that happens between mobile devices around the world.

We cannot deny that we are living in a digital age, therefore, the use of wireless broadband has become indispensable. By the way, unlike ancient times, today the use of cell phones is common not only for leisure, but also for work. Hence the need for a more powerful network.

So, the 5G signal promises connection speed at high standards compared to the current 4G. Furthermore, the ability to support simultaneous users is also a feature of the new network. Thus, the TV signal will also migrate to 5G, leading users to the need to change devices.

Who needs to change antenna fixtures

The signal that transmits free-to-air TV programming until then operated via satellite in Band C. However, it will also migrate to 5G in order to avoid interference in the signal, which will now be reserved for the new band. Therefore, many families will need the free digital antenna kit.

In practice, by the year 2026, everyone who uses the conventional signal via satellite dish will have to purchase the new digital antenna kit. Keeping old devices will lead to interference on the network, resulting in poor sound and picture quality. So, it's best to make the switch as soon as possible.

Therefore, those who use the conventional satellite dish will only need to purchase a new antenna kit. On the other hand, those who already have an internal or external antenna, whether digital or cable TV, do not need to make any changes to the devices, as they will already receive the 5G signal.

Benefits of the new kit

The new free digital antenna kit will benefit millions of Brazilians, what's more, you don't even have to pay for installation. That way, stay tuned if you are entitled and request yours as soon as possible. To better understand, see what are the benefits of making the switch:

  • Higher quality audio;
  • Sharper image;
  • Access to new free channels and regional programming;
  • Less chance of signal interference;
  • Most modern appliances and equipment.

In addition, the old channels that already work in the open TV programming by the satellite dish will remain free. What happens is an expansion and improvement in signal quality for everyone who enjoys good entertainment in front of the small screen. After all, no one can be harmed by such a technological advance.

Who is entitled to the free digital antenna kit

At first, the free digital antenna kit will be released only in the capitals of the country. However, the change will be gradual and will soon occur in other locations. So, before knowing how to request yours, see if you are within the requirements to be entitled to the kit or if you need to do some regularization.

  1. Be enrolled in the Cadastro Único or be part of a Federal Government social program;
  2. Have a conventional satellite dish in your home.

It is also worth mentioning that, to be entitled to the kit, it is necessary that the satellite dish is installed and properly connected to your television. In addition, the income criterion is up to three monthly minimum wages per family. Therefore, it is important to have your CadÚnico updated.

How to register to receive the free digital antenna kit

If you have checked the criteria and confirmed that your family is entitled to the free digital antenna kit, then let's move on to the most important step: Requesting the kit. Beforehand, know that it is quite simple. So, to guide you through this step, we have prepared a step-by-step guide showing you how to register.

  • First, to apply online, go to site from Siga Antenado;
  • After that, inside the platform go to the menu and select the option “Free kit distribution program”;
  • Then click on the option “schedule here”;
  • Then, on the next page, choose whether you want to identify yourself by CPF or NIS and inform the document number;
  • Finally, answer the questionnaire and set the date and time for installation.

In addition, the request can also be made by calling the number 0800 729 2404. Then, on the scheduled day, the technician will go to the residence to verify the need for replacement and install the new device. Finally, we hope that the tip been useful, to see more interesting subjects, follow the news on our blog.