X-ray by cell phone – Get to know the application and have fun


The app that makes cell phone x-ray it is being used a lot as a way to have fun. That way, it's a different way to play with friends or with people in your family.

In short, the application simulates an X-ray session. Thus, he appears to show body parts through his mobile device. In addition to being a great game for children, many adults also have a lot of fun.


Want to know how to download and use the app that makes cell phone x-ray? It's very simple, all you have to do is check out our article today. Then find out more information about this unconventional application.

X-ray by cell phone – Get to know the application and have fun
X-ray by cell phone – Get to know the application and have fun. Playback: Google

What is a cell phone x-ray?

As everyone should know, it is not possible to do the real x-ray by cell phone. But that doesn't mean you can't simulate an exam. And that's exactly the purpose of the application that performs cell phone x-ray.

In fact, it is a simulator for the user to pass the cell phone over the body and see the bones. Thus, it is a great way to simulate the exam and play with others.

In summary, the application has several images of bones from different parts of the human body. Then, users need to move the smartphone around the body to simulate the x-ray.

What parts of the body can X-rays be done?

If you are interested in using the cell phone x-ray, know that you can use it on various parts of the body. First of all, you can use it in your hands. Then just pass the smartphone over the right or left hand.

In addition, another option is to use the application to simulate an x-ray on the head. Thus, the cell phone can show various details of the bones of the skull and will definitely impress users.

Finally, another option is to pass the cell phone over the chest. With this, it is possible to simulate an x-ray of the chest, in which it is possible to observe several bones, such as the ribs, for example.

Step by step on how to use the application to simulate the exam

First of all, using the application is very simple. In fact, the entire process takes place in just a few steps. So then check out each step to use the app cell phone x-ray.

  • Download and install the app from the store;
  • Open the application on the mobile device (tablet or cell phone);
  • Choose the body part to simulate the x-ray;
  • Move the cell phone according to the image shown on the screen;
  • Simulate the x-ray for other parts of the body.

Finally, it has never been so easy to simulate a cell phone x-ray. Besides, it can be a way to have fun for a while. There are also those who use the application to distract and amuse the children.

The best part is that you can use this app completely free of charge. So it can be a great way to play pranks on friends or family. The important thing is to handle the cell phone according to the screen image.

General information about the application

Beforehand, this application cell phone x-ray It has over 100,000 downloads and installations. Furthermore, it is also worth mentioning that the application is very light and takes up little space on your device's storage.

With 13 MB you can have a lot of fun and for free. However, the app is only available for devices that have Android with version 4.2 or higher.

Another important piece of information is that the application has indicative classification for all age groups. However, you must remember that its functions can frighten younger children.

Advantages and disadvantages of x-ray application

To begin with, the application has many advantages, such as being free and easy to use. But, at first, he presents the realism of the bones of the human body as a positive side.

Again, it's worth noting that this is just a fun app. That is, it is only possible to carry out an x-ray examination in a hospital and with specialists.

Finally, a disadvantage of this application is that it sometimes has some light crashes. It doesn't actually interfere with the users' experience at all, but it might annoy some people.

How to download the x-ray application on your cell phone

If you are interested in using the application to simulate mobile x-ray, it's time to learn how to download it. In short, this app is only available for Android devices.

However, there is still a possibility that it will arrive for iPhone users. Anyway, you can download the application on your mobile device, be it a tablet or a smartphone.

To do this, just go to play store and perform the download. Then, just wait for the installation process and it will be ready to be used. So enjoy and have fun.