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see how watch the telenovela Reis da Record live on your cell phone and don't miss any chapters. The biblical plot that now tells stories from the Old Testament has conquered viewers of the major broadcaster. But the fact is, it is not always possible to be in front of the TV to watch the broadcast.

Fortunately, nowadays there are several platforms of “streaming” to watch our favorite programs without paying anything for it. So, in this case, Rede Record itself has an official application to maintain a good connection with its card-carrying fans.


So, for those of you who want watch the telenovela Reis da Record, keep reading and see all the tips we have prepared. Incidentally, the biblical plot that tells stories from the old testament, has been holding the attention of the public who enjoys a good plot full of suspense and great emotions.

watch the telenovela Reis da Record
watch the telenovela Reis da Record (images from google)

about the plot

Before knowing how to watch the telenovela Reis da Record, understand a little more about the plot. Incidentally, the format of the telenovela is very similar to that of a series, with several chapters. In summary, the main agenda tells the story of the transition of governments in Israel, from Judges to Kings.

The transition period was marked by a great religious decline and threats of attacks by the Philistines. Thus, Israel falls into decay and disarray, causing the people to clamor for a king to guide them. As already happened in neighboring nations, the monarchy was implemented with Saul as the first king.

Following the context, the telenovela Reis was written by Raphaela Castro and Cristiane Cardoso. Tells briefly about the last two judges, Eli and Samuel. Then it goes on to a deeper narrative about kings Saul, David, Solomon and later. Undoubtedly, a production of the highest quality by RecordTV.

soap opera chapters

So, if you enjoy a good plot full of conflicts and emotions, start watching the telenovela Reis da Record. The narrative had its premiere on March 22 and since then it has been conquering and holding the public's attention with each new chapter that is aired. At first, there are 8 seasons, check it out:

  1. The Disappointment;
  2. The Ingratitude;
  3. The Rejection;
  4. The choice;
  5. The chase;
  6. The conquest;
  7. The sin;
  8. The Ascension.

Currently, the telenovela is in its fifth season, “The chase“. In this phase, the plot tells the exciting story of David, marked by courage and admiration. So, if you haven't been following the chapters that have already been aired, take the opportunity to catch up with this application that we'll show you here.

How to watch the telenovela Reis da Record on TV

The most traditional way to watch the soap opera Reis da Record is on TV, during the live transmission that takes place, from Monday to Friday, at 9 pm. So, this is the time to gather the family in front of the small screen and keep an eye on each new emotion that airs. In addition, you can follow the transmission also “online“.

So, to access the live broadcast from your computer or notebook, just access the “streaming" network official by "web“. The process is very simple and anyone can enjoy the free content provided by the broadcaster. In short, you can follow the channel's complete schedule.

Start by accessing the site at and register for free. After creating your account, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the Free Play plan. Or, you can join the plan PlayPlus for just R$15.90 monthly, the first 14 days being free.

How to watch the soap opera Reis da Record on your cell phone

Nowadays, it's no secret that we can do a lot of things for the “smartphone“. So, one of them is watching the telenovela Reis da Record on TV. Not only the biblical plot, but other attractions of the station, such as A Fazenda and Os 20 Dias de Lázaro, can be watched through the free app. See how to download:

  • First, go to your device's app store and search for the name “play plus“;
  • Then the application will appear at the top of the results. Install as instructed;
  • Open the app and access your account, the same one created to access the “site“. If you haven't already, you can register very simply and completely free of charge;
  • Finally, just select the option “Up in the air” during the time the program is being broadcast. In the case of the telenovela Reis, access it at 9 pm to watch it.

See how simple it is? It is worth noting that access through theweb” and the app are done by the same “email” and password. So, from the moment you create a Play Plus account, you will be able to use all your networks. Whether by cell phone, computer, notebook, tablet or even TV.

free alternative

The giant Rede Record created the play plus to make your content even more accessible, thus keeping your audience more connected. So, without a doubt, it is the best alternative to follow any content on the channel for free. In addition to being a practical method to watch from anywhere on your cell phone.

However, there are other alternatives to watch the telenovela Reis da Record. One of them is through the website Dailymotion. Basically, it's a platform similar to YouTube, where other users share chapters and tracks from their favorite series. So, if you're looking for free content, it might be a good option.

Anyway, we hope that the content we have brought here has been useful and can help you watch all the best moments of the telenovela Reis. If you liked it, visit our blog and see other interesting subjects. We share app tips, information about social benefits, hot news and much more.