Watch movies online – Discover 10 options better than Netflix


Nowadays, watch movies online it is one of the main forms of entertainment. Soon, many people are looking for alternatives to the most famous streaming platforms like Netflix, for example.

The good news is that more and more new service options are emerging that allow you to watch this type of content. However, the downside is that because of the variety, it is difficult to choose the best platform.


In this sense, find out which are the 10 best options for watch movies online to replace Netflix. So, be sure to check out our article with all the important information.

Watch movies online
Watch movies online (Image from Google)

Watch Movies Online in 4K: Vudu Movies On Us

In first place, there is the Vudu platform, for those who do not give up watch movies online with high quality. That's because on this platform there are movies to watch even in 4K.

The best part is that on Vudu you can download the titles and watch them on different types of devices. Just to illustrate, it is available for: Smart TV, Android and iOS mobile devices, consoles and much more.

– Popcornflix

Next, we have the Popcornflix website, which has various types of content, such as series, movies, TV shows and videos. For watch movies onlineon Popcornflix you don't need to login.

In fact, just choose from the various title options and start watching. The best thing is that the site is very well organized and has several categories.

– Tubi TV

Continuing, how about getting to know a platform that has more than 20,000 titles in its catalogue? This is Tubi TV, a service that has several options between movies and series. Check out the main producers present below.

  • Warner Bros;
  • Lionsgate;
  • Paramount;
  • MGM.

You can access Tubi TV through its website or app, which is available for Android, iOS, Smart TV and devices like Chromecast. Besides, you don't need to log in.

Tubi TV is one of the best platforms for watch movies online because in addition to variety, it offers more ease. This is because it has a simple and practical interface.

Watch movies on platform in Portuguese: Plex TV

What most draws attention to this site is that it is in Portuguese. Furthermore, Plex TV offers a wide catalog of series and movies online. In addition, there are also podcasts and TV shows.

Thus, it is possible to access the content through the website or the application. Since for watch movies online on the website it is necessary to log in to the platform. Plex TV also offers a paid version.

– Looke

Next, we have a Brazilian streaming platform option. Thus, Looke brings together the best titles of series, movies and TV shows. However, the service is paid.

In this way, for just R$16.90 it is already possible to subscribe to a Looke plan. Furthermore, the service also allows users to rent movies individually.

– Movie Movie

First of all, if you're looking for expert-recommended movies, this is the platform for you. Filme Filme offers national and foreign films,

Therefore, the free version of the site has a more limited catalog. On the other hand, the service also allows watch movies online from a monthly fee.

Watch horror movies online: Darkflix

For those who like to watch horror movies, Darkflix arrives as a way to make the experience easier. It differentiates itself, as it only offers films of this genre.

Darkflix is an independent platform, so to use it you have to pay for the subscription. In general, you can watch more than 600 movie titles.

– Youtube

Next, another option for watch movies online it's Youtube. Many people think that YouTube only has videos, but the platform also allows you to rent and buy movies.

In addition, there are several free movie options on some specialized channels. Thus, you can watch movies that are normally difficult to find on the Internet.

– KinoPop

KinoPop is a streaming platform created by a company responsible for dubbing. In this way, it has more than 700 series and 400 films.

To access KinoPop you need to register and pay for a monthly subscription. With this, you can watch on up to 4 screens at the same time and in Full HD quality.

Watch recently released movies online: Virtual Cinema

if you like watch movies online newly released, O Virtual Cinema it is the best choice. With it, users can watch movies that were released after only 2 weeks.

However, to be able to watch the movies, you have to pay, just like in theaters. The difference is that the values tend to be lower and you can watch from the comfort of your home.