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do you like the TV Evangelize? So we have news! It is also available in an app to be watched easily and conveniently by cell phone. In this way, you can watch your favorite programs from the TV Evangelize anytime and anywhere just a few taps on your cell phone.

In this way, the app makes your life easier and that of all other believers. Well, it will be easier to see the programs of each day. What's more, tests were carried out and showed that the app performed well on almost all digital devices. In this way, all you have to do is download the app to have the programs of the TV Evangelize.


In addition, the app also has other features in addition to watching programming and listening to radio stations. With it you will be able to both ask for prayers and make donations for the programs of the TV Evangelize, and thus contribute to the growth of the work in Brazil and in the world. What's more, it's simple and easy to use.

TV Evangelize
TV Evangelizar (Image from Google)

Learn more about the app TV Evangelize

Almost 20 years ago, a different evangelization project was created, with news, from a great desire of Father Reginaldo Manzotti. Why not use the media to reach as many people as possible? Thus, the program “Experiência de Deus” was created on Rádio Clube AM.

In the following years, the work grew and the project matured. Moreover, it was and is maintained by the members themselves and is not for profit. Therefore, with this objective of taking the word of God to the greatest possible number of people, the project entered the TV with a channel, the TV Evangelize.

O TV Evangelize has programs 24 hours a day focused on faith and the word of God. In it you will find different themes and types of programming, such as newspapers, Catholic, cultural and informative programs. And on the radio, you will have access to Catholic songs and religious programs. And now, all of this can be accessed from your cell phone!

Advantages of downloading the app

There are several advantages that you will have when you download the app from TV Evangelize on your cell phone. Furthermore, we cannot always be in front of the TV or next to a radio to follow our favorite programs. In this way, the app was created so that you always have the word of God close by. So, see more advantages:

  • watch your favorite Evangelizar TV programs and listen to the radio anytime and anywhere you want;
  • through the app, make prayer requests and make donations so that the non-profit work continues to perpetuate its work;
  • watch live programs on your cell phone, requiring only internet access;
  • download this app and watch all available programming completely free of charge, without having to spend anything for access and content;
  • get access to a popular app, with over a million downloads on the Play Store, and an excellent rating;
  • have access to a practical and easy-to-use app with a simple and intuitive layout to watch programs and listen to the radio whenever you want;
  • download this app on your cell phone and be sure that you will have an attentive team ready to help you in case of problems in the app to watch the programs.

In addition, have access to a platform with programming 24 hours a day to keep you company every minute and moment of your journey. Bringing peace and the word of God to everyday life in a world increasingly prone to futilities and immediacy. So, learn below how to download and start using the app.

How to download and start using the app TV Evangelize

If you liked the functions and advantages that the app from the TV Evangelize makes available to users, learn below how to download and start using the app. In addition, be part of a serious platform committed to its users, with more than 1 million downloads on the Play Store and an excellent rating.

Thus, the app is available for download for Android and IOS systems. So go to play store or the app store and click install. Wait until the end of the installation. And ready! The app will be available for use on your mobile device. Thus, have access to the word of God anytime and anywhere.

Finally, always have the Evangelizar TV program at hand, whether you want to watch videos or listen to radio programs. Furthermore, have access not only to music and masses, but also to journalistic programs with information, with religious agendas, accountability and other subjects. How about trying it?