A Fazenda 2022 – How and Where to Watch Live and Online 24 Hours


The Farm 2022 is now live and lovers of good entertainment can watch it live. After all, the confinement involving sub-celebrities guarantees a lot of bullshit and fun, so it's worth staying tuned. Then find out how not to miss the best moments of the rural reality show.

Rede Record is the major broadcaster responsible for organizing and broadcasting the program, but only a summary is shown on the channel's live stream. Therefore, to see the events in real time, the alternative is to resort to the “streaming” which shows everything in detail.


However, to watch The Farm 2022 legally, it is only possible through the platform of “streaming” official of Rede Record. In other words, this is the only sure way to watch the program live with 24-hour coverage. So, if that's what you're looking for, keep reading and find out how to watch it for free.

The Farm 2022
The Farm 2022 (google image)

About The Farm 2022

A Fazenda 2022 is the fourteenth season of the most challenging Brazilian reality show for sub-celebrities. The program is aired on RecordTV and has been making history since 2009, attracting the attention of thousands of viewers. Both in prime time and on social media.

This year, the program premiered on September 13, when the 21 participants who will compete for the prize of 1.5 million reais were revealed. The season counts with the core direction of the Brazilian Rodrigo Carelli. The command of the game is on account of the presenter Adriane Galisteu.

The program is broadcast live from Monday to Saturday at 10:45 pm, while on Sundays it is shown at 11:15 pm. As for reality fans, the pay-per-view – PPV is available 24 hours a day. So why wait for a summary when you can see everything firsthand?

game schedule

At first, A Fazenda 2022 follows the same dynamics as the previous year. Usually, the reality lasts 3 months, but it happens to extend for a slightly longer period. In any case, during this period the live broadcast schedule follows as highlighted in the following list:

  • Monday: Trial by Fire (during live TV broadcast);
  • Tuesday: Formation of the Roça (during the live broadcast on TV);
  • Wednesday: Farmer's Tasting (during the live broadcast on TV);
  • Thursday: Elimination (during live broadcast on TV);
  • Friday: Recording with the best moments of the day and transmission of the beginning of the party live;
  • Saturday: Recording with the best moments of the party the night before;
  • Sunday: Recording with the best moments of the day.

In short, the entire game revolves around choosing the farmer of the week. Since this is the participant responsible for delegating tasks to others. In addition, it indicates someone for the roça. Undoubtedly, this causes a great deal of movement, with the right to discord and the formation of allies.

List of participants

Before the program premieres, several names of sub-celebrities are speculated as possible participants in the rural reality. However, the official list is only released on the opening day. This raises the expectation even higher. So, check out who will be part of this season's cast:

  • Alex Gallette – Reporter, 33 years old;
  • André Marinho – Singer, 43 years old;
  • Barbara Borges – Actress, 43 years old;
  • Bruno Talamo – Journalist, 33 years old;
  • Deborah Albuquerque – Digital influencer, 37 years old;
  • Deolane Bezerra – Lawyer, 34 years old;
  • Ellen Cardoso – Dancer, 41 years old;
  • Ingrid Ohara – YouTuber, 25 years old;
  • Iran Malfitano – Actor, 40 years old;
  • Kerline Cardoso – Digital influencer, 30 years old;
  • Lucas Santos – Actor, 22 years old;
  • Pele Milflows – Rapper, 23 years old;
  • Petal Barreiros – Digital influencer, 23 years old;
  • Rosiane Pinheiro – Dancer, 48 years old;
  • Little Redhead from Mars – Singer, 26 years old;
  • Shayan Haghbin – Businessman, 31 years old;
  • Tati Zaqui – Singer, 28 years old;
  • Thomaz Costa – Actor, 22 years old;
  • Tiago Ramos – Model, 24 years old;
  • Coming Büttel – Digital influencer, 32 years old.

In addition to these names, five more participants are part of the Paiol. These, in turn, are confined separately from the others and compete for a place within A Fazenda 2022. In fact, the dynamics of the Paiol are very similar to the Casa de Vidro of Big Brother Brasil. Without a doubt, it makes the beginning of the game more interesting.

How to watch The Farm 2022 on mobile

If you want to follow A Fazenda 2022, but you're not always in front of the TV during the show's broadcast time, check out this tip. Rede Record provides a free application so that fans can stay connected. So, even if you are not at home, you can access it on your cell phone.

First of all, the name of the app is PlayPlus and can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. In addition, the use is very intuitive and ensures that anyone can enjoy all the content. Therefore, while the reality show is on open TV, you can follow it wherever you are.

To download the app, just go to your app store.smartphone” and type “PlayPlus” in the search bar. Then register on the platform following the information that appears on the screen. Finally, choose the Play Plan and subscribe to access all free content.

How to get 14 days free

Now that you know how to watch A Fazenda 2022 on your cell phone, see how to watch all the farm's cameras live 24 hours a day. To do so, just sign the Package PlayPlus. The plan, in turn, allows full access and costs R$ 15.90 per month, and can be canceled at any time.

However, as a new user of the platform, you can enjoy 14 days completely free of charge, with the right to all the benefits of a user "premium“. Thus, you can enjoy all of Record's content, children's programming, podcasts, radio stations and much more. In addition, you can share 4 simultaneous screens with your family.

So, to guarantee your free period and not miss the first moments of reality, just access the “see plans" at the application and sign the package PlayPlus. Finally, we hope that the tips have been useful for you to follow the most guarded farm in Brazil. If you liked it, visit our blog and see other interesting subjects.