Talking Ben – Learn how to download the talking puppy app


First of all, the Talking Ben is a game that follows the interactive style. And it's from the creators of Talking Tom and Talking Larry. Therefore, it is another game that has talking animals.

In this case, Ben is a friendly little dog who is always ready to have fun. As in other games, the puppy can repeat what the user says. In addition to other voice or touch interactions.


In this way, learn more about the Talking Ben, the game that is making kids happy. Next, let's cover the most important information about the application. So, be sure to check it out.

Talking Ben
Talking Ben (image from Google)

Importance of interactive games for children

In advance, interactive games like those in the “Talking” series are those that “talk” to the user. So they use technology to interact with players. Therefore, they are more aimed at children.

In this way, if the idea is to entertain the children, this type of application is the best choice. In addition to interacting with players, the game also provides other functions, such as taking care of the character.

Throughout this article, we'll talk more about the game's functions, but we'll say it first: it's a lot of fun. So, it manages to capture children's attention for a long time.

What is the Talking Ben app?

Initially, the application Talking Ben it is an interactive game. Therefore, it has its main character, Ben. Ben is a little brown dog that is in the care of the players.

Many people even compared this type of game to the old Tamagotchi. For those who don't know, Tamagotchi was a small device with a screen, in which the objective was to take care of the pet.

so is the Talking Ben, players need to give food, give drinks and pet. In addition, there are also several missions to complete and some games to have fun and break records.

Discover other Talking Friends games

If you don't already know, the Talking Friends collection brings several interactive pet games. Each game has a different character. Then check out other games from this collection.

  • Tom, meet My Talking Tom game.
  • Angela 2: meet the game My Talking Angela;
  • Ginger: meet the game My Talking Ginger.
  • My Talking Friends: the union of several talking characters;
  • Hank: meet the game My Talking Hank;

As you can see, the collection of games has a wide variety of characters to have fun with. And the most interesting thing is that each one has different characteristics, personalities and voices.

In addition, all the pets enchant for their cuteness. So it's hard not to get carried away by the characters. In addition, there are still several minigame options to have even more fun with each one of them.

 How does Talking Ben work?

Despite being another game from the talking animals collection, the Talking Ben has some differences when compared to the others. First of all, this is the first character that isn't a cat.

And anyone who thinks that Ben just repeats what others say is wrong. In addition to this function, there are several other ways to interact with the character. But if you choose to open the app and do nothing, the puppy will read itself to sleep.

Finally, another difference between this application and others is that the user does not need to have knowledge of English. Something that happened to those who used the Talking Angela app, for example.

How to interact with the puppy Ben?

First of all, the game has a series of possibilities for interaction. So, to begin with, you can get him to stop reading the magazine and pay attention to you. To do this, just tap on the magazine.

If you gently touch Ben's tummy, he will squirm with the tickle. You can also break the puppy portrait with the diploma, give him wine to drink and feed him.

What's more, Ben is an excellent chemist. So if you tap the potions button it will go straight to the lab. However, if you want to be mean to him, just tap his head to pat him.

How to download and use Talking Ben?

If you like interaction games or want to present the Talking Ben for children, it's very simple. First of all, Puppy Ben game is a mobile app.

So, to download it you must go to your app store, available on your cell phone. By the way, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

So what are you waiting for download it right now? find it at app store and on play store. Then just download and wait for the installation.