Novela Pantanal – See how to watch it for free through the app


First of all, the telenovela Pantanal got a new version. Thus, it was launched recently and is on air on TV Globo. For those who don't know, the soap opera appeared in 1990, in its first version.

At the time, the person responsible for launching the work was Rede Manchete. Thus, it was on the air for the period from March 27 to December. And it became a real success, which has remained to this day.


Because of that, Rede Globo tried to launch the remake of telenovela Pantanal. It has been on the air for a short time and is already a real success with the audience. To learn how to watch the telenovela through the application, check out this article.

Pantanal soap opera
Novela Pantanal (Google image)

All about the Globo app to watch soap operas

Initially, the app to watch Globo soap operas is Globoplay. Thus, it was developed so that subscribers and non-subscribers can see Rede Globo content – which is shown for free through the app.

So if you want to watch telenovela Pantanal, this can be easily done through Globoplay. However, the application also offers several other titles in its catalog, such as international productions.

However, it is worth noting that to check out the other contents you have to pay for a monthly subscription. Therefore, Globoplay is one of the first applications for streaming television channels in Brazil.

Get to know the plot of Brazilian production

At first, the first version of the work was written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa and aired in 1990. The second version, in turn, was written by the grandson of the first author, Bruno Luperi.

In short, the telenovela Pantanal is divided into two phases. The first phase tells the story of Joventino and his son José Leôncio. The plot follows the life of José Leôncio.

Soon after, the second phase of the plot begins. In this second moment, the plot focuses on the future of the characters. Anyway, the telenovela is famous for focusing on the nature of Brazil.

Who are the main actors of the telenovela Pantanal?

For those who still don't know the new soap opera, it is being shown in prime time on Rede Globo's schedule. So, as it usually happens, it has a strong cast made up of renowned actors, such as:

  • Marcos Palmeira, as José Leôncio.
  • Alanis Guillen as Juma Marruá.
  • Dira Paes, like Filo.
  • Juliana Paes as Maria Marruá.
  • Osmar Prado as The Old Man from Rio.
  • Murilo Benicio as Tenorio
  • José Loreto, as Tadeu.

However, the plot has several other actors, especially because the soap opera has two phases. So the production team needed a larger amount of interpreters for both versions of some characters.

Therefore, the work, which premiered on March 28, 2022, is already very successful. Not to mention that it was already being highly anticipated since the announcement of the new version.

What are Globoplay's plans and values?

First of all, it is worth remembering that to watch telenovela Pantanal live there is no need to have a Globoplay subscription. This is because the service provides this possibility for free.

However, to view the episodes before they air or to view previous episodes, it is necessary to purchase a plan. Therefore, Globoplay has 4 plans.

Globoplay and Disney cost R$43.90 per month. Globoplay and Telecine, for R$69.90. Globoplay, live channels and Disney, for R$69.90 And Globoplay and Premiere, for R$69.90.

How to watch free on computer and live

First of all, to watch the chapters of telenovela Pantanal from the computer, just access the Globoplay website. So, the next step is to look for the “Now on TV” option.

That way, if it's time for the broadcast of the soap opera, you'll be able to follow the chapter of the day. It's important to remember that you can watch the same way through a mobile device or even on TV.

This is a very easy way to get track of the title. In addition, it ends up making life much easier for those who are not at home at the time of the soap opera, for example. You can watch it anywhere, as long as there is internet.

How to watch Novela Pantanal through the app

Finally, if you want to watch the telenovela through application Globoplay, it's very simple. The first step is to check if you already have the application installed on your device (cell phone, Smart TV, tablet).

After downloading the app, you will need to sign in with a Globo account. But, don't worry, if you don't have an account, creating one is very practical and fast.

After this process, just look for the option “Now on TV” and check the chapter of telenovela Pantanal. If you want to check out previous chapters or other available titles, just subscribe to one of the Globoplay plans.