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With the rush of everyday life, often the simple act of falling asleep ends up becoming a difficult task. And more, to wake up even more. Who never woke up felt like they slept less than they actually slept? O sleep app came to help you in these moments and make your awakening lighter and invigorating.

So no more startling with the alarm clock, and waking up as if you've run a marathon overnight. With Sleep Cycle, you'll have access to information about your night's sleep and you can also count on the help of an alarm clock that will wake you up at the right time so that you no longer have that feeling of tiredness after sleep.


Make your nights and waking up more pleasant. So, how about knowing a little more about this app, how it works, what advantages you will have by downloading it and how and where to download it? These more answers you will have below. So find out more about Sleep Cycle, your sleep app.

 sleep app
 sleep app (Image from Google)

Know more about sleep app

This app will help you monitor and control your sleep. What's more, all this without the cell phone being left in bed overnight. So count on Sleep Cycle to wake up easier for the next day. What's more, this app works as a smart alarm clock. Thus, its features allow you to monitor your sleep.

By monitoring your sleep, the app finds patterns that indicate the right time to wake you up so that you feel light, invigorating and not tired. Therefore, the app will wake you up during light sleep, so that you have a natural awakening. All this, because during sleep, you have phases from light to deep and from deep to light.

Therefore, in order for you to wake up well, feeling energized and feeling rested, it is important that the alarm clock goes off during the light phase. And the app knows which phase you're in according to your sleep movements. In this way, it studies your sleep patterns through sound or vibrations.

Advantages of using the app

As sleep app Sleep Cycle you acquire a series of advantages. And the main thing, everyone will help you throughout the day. For, having a pleasant night's sleep and waking up lightly, your whole day is influenced by this energy of calm and rest. So, find out below the advantages of using the sleep app:

  • with Sleep Cycle wake up at the best moment of your sleep. That way, feel rested and energized when you wake up;
  • the app will find, within 30 minutes before the alarm clock, the ideal time for you to wake up;
  • have your sleep analyzed with sound technology or even the accelerometer;
  • get access to daily statistics and graphs of your sleep;
  • make use of the melodic alarms that the app provides;
  • want to sleep some more? Alright, activate snooze time easily and quickly, just shake or double-tap the mobile device;
  • Get access to many free resources.

Furthermore, become an app user and improve your sleep health. Use it to make your day lighter, to wake up more peacefully and to feel energized for day-to-day tasks. So watch your sleep and ensure positive points for your day. Follow the steps below to download the app.

How to download and start using sleep app

If you liked the functions and benefits of Sleep Cycle and want to be part of the app, know that downloading it will be easy and practical. As well as, to use it when monitoring your sleep. Furthermore, it has a simple and intuitive layout that allows configurations to be made quickly and easily. So here's how to download.

O sleep app Sleep Cycle is available for Android and IOS systems. In this way, access play store and the app store and download it by clicking install. Wait until the end of the installation. And ready! The app will be available for use on your mobile device. Now just activate it to monitor your sleep.

But don't forget the requirements before you start using it, okay? So, leave your cell phone near the bed and close to an outlet so that it charges overnight. Also, follow the app's instructions on how to place your phone so that the app can do its job efficiently.