Carpool App 2022 – Find a free ride


At first, the ride app It's a great way to get around on a budget. Therefore, this is a category of apps that is growing more and more among Brazilians. Especially among those who live in big cities.

Soon after the fame of apps that replaced taxis, this type of app emerged in order to offer rides. Since, it makes perfect sense, as traffic in larger cities only grows and the price of fuel only increases.


Therefore, if you live in search of reducing expenses, the ride app it might be a good idea. So, if you want more about this new category of apps, be sure to read this article till the end.

ride app
Carpool app (Google image)

Benefits of using the carpooling app

First of all, we cannot fail to mention the money savings. Since, with the ridesharing app, you can share the costs of a journey with someone else. So, that means you can offer a ride to 4 people and share the value.

So, another benefit of this type of application is being able to rely on security. Mainly because ride-hailing apps have a rating system for people who offer and receive rides.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that using the ride app it is more ecologically speaking. Above all, because the reduction of cars on the roads also reduces the emission of gases that cause air pollution.

Disadvantages of using the carpooling app

But, on the other hand, this type of application also has disadvantages, even if they are few. Thus, the first of them is the fact that people looking for rides must go to the meeting point of those offering rides.

Then, another negative point of the carpool app is the fact that the app company is not sure that the car will fit 4 people. Therefore, this goes more to the common sense of who is offering the ride.

Finally, another bad part of these apps also has to do with space. So, there's no way to know if the car will hold people's luggage. Therefore, all these details must be agreed beforehand with the person offering the ride.

How to use apps to pick up or offer rides?

In short, it's all very simple. Firstly, you need to choose one of the carpooling app options to download and install on your mobile device. After that, you need to create an account and enter your login and password.

  • You need to complete your profile with other important data. If you are a driver, you must insert a copy of your CNH;
  • Next, just choose your destination and your starting point;
  • The ridesharing app will look for rides or passenger options;
  • After finding a ride, just confirm and follow the path.

In this sense, there are applications that have versions for Android and iOS devices. Therefore, at the end of this article we will indicate the best option for ride app. So keep following our article so you don't miss out.

Therefore, it is worth noting that these applications are being used more and more in Brazil. Mainly because of the ease and security they offer to their users.

Is it safe to hitchhike?

Frequently, questions like this arise when it comes to using apps that offer rides. So let's get some important things clear. Firstly, it is recommended to accept rides from people who have a complete profile.

Thus, the same happens with those who need to choose a ride. Thus, it is recommended to take a ride with a driver who has a complete profile. Especially with those that have certain amounts of positive reviews.

In addition, there is still the option of rides just for women. In other words, it is possible for women to only ride with other women. This modality ends up providing more security and confidence in users.

How to download the ridesharing app

Finally, we're talking about application of rides BlaBlaCar. Therefore, the main objective of the application is to make people who go to the same place find each other. All this so that carpooling can be a way to save money.

In addition, recently, BlaBlaCar also added to its functions the possibility of buying bus tickets. Thus, this consists of one more feature of the application. In short, this is the most famous app in the carpooling category.

And although it is relatively new in Brazil, this method of getting around is already gaining many followers. In this sense, to download the application, just search your app store on your cell phone. Finally, download now at play store and on app store.