Online legislation test – Download the app and learn how to prepare


Getting a driver's license is a dream come true for many. However, you need to focus and study to get approved in all stages. The first step is to take the theoretical classes and pass the written test. To prepare well, you can make use of a proof of legislation online.

With it you can simulate how it was on the day of the test, answer the questions and then see with the result if you would pass or if you need to improve and study more. This way, you will arrive on the day of the Detran theoretical test more confident and mastering the subject more, since you will have revised the questions that are more difficult for you.


Therefore, studying beforehand and doing a lot of simulations is a good way to save time. Furthermore, since when someone does not reach the minimum score in the Detran test, they have to redo it again. So how about doing a good preparation? Learn more below about this app that has the proof of legislation online.

Online proof of legislation
Online proof of legislation (Image from Google)

Find out about the app that owns the proof of legislation online

The app that has tests so you can do simulations of proof of legislation online helps you study anytime and anywhere. In addition, you can ask questions even in places without internet. The app has a simulation to help you get your first license, or even renew it.

In addition, you will be studying through an app that is even used by instructors in the country. So use it and pass the test with more peace of mind. In addition, the app provides among its features a part for you to focus only on road signs. As well as, you can ask separate questions for each subject.

This way, you will be able to study more any subject that you have not yet managed to master. And more, when you finish the simulation you will be able to know which questions you got right and which ones you missed. This way, you will know which subject you need to study more and improve. There are several questions so that you arrive on test day well prepared.

Advantages of using the app

When using the app that simulates the proof of legislation online, you will guarantee several advantages that will help you achieve a good grade and pass the test directly. As well, you will gain knowledge to be a prudent driver who knows the laws and rules of the road. So, see the benefits below:

  • have access to numerous strategically chosen questions about all the topics charged in the Detran legislation test and guarantee a good grade;
  • with the app installed on your cell phone, study and solve the simulations wherever and whenever you want. In addition, you will be able to answer the questions even when you are without internet;
  • do the simulations and have access to the feedback. In this way, you will know which issues you should focus on and study more, and which subjects you already master;
  • if you wish, study separately each subject that will be on the test, and have access to a session only with traffic signs to memorize the sign and each function;
  • make use of a complete app that is used by many instructors around Brazil.

In addition, with the app, ensure good preparation anytime and anywhere. Get ahead and study efficiently and strategically so that you acquire a lot of knowledge in a short time. Therefore, download the app and ensure this experience. Finally, see below how to download and start using the app to make the proof of legislation online.

How to download and start using the app to make the proof of legislation online

If you liked the features and benefits that app provides, here's how to download it quickly and easily. Also, download and join this team of users of an efficient and important app with more than 1 million downloads in the Play Store and ranked 17th in the Education category in the App Store.

Therefore, to download follow the step by step. The app is available for Android and iOS systems. In this way, access play store or the app store and download. Afterwards, wait until the installation is complete. And ready! The app will now be available to use on your digital device. How about starting to use it?

Get access to simulations and separate subjects. Ask as many questions as possible and prepare yourself with the best possible app for test day. Have the app most used by driving schools on your cell phone. And better, all this for free! Make the simulations and monitor your performance from intuitive graphics.