Plastic Surgery Simulator – Meet the application that simulates plastic surgery on the nose


Recently, the use of plastic surgery simulator has become more common. This is due to the desire that people have to know how they would look after performing some type of aesthetic surgical procedure.

Sometimes, using this type of application does not mean that users are going to undergo some kind of cosmetic surgery. In fact, some people look for the simulator just out of curiosity or even fun.


In that sense, the plastic surgery simulator it is a very interesting and different application. So, if you've always wanted to know what you'll look like after a face or body makeover, learn more about it below.

plastic surgery simulator
plastic surgery simulator (Image from Google)

Learn more about plastic surgery simulator

In general, it is an application that allows the user to make different types of modifications to their body or face. A highlight is that it was created by the American plastic surgeon, Doctor Navin Singh.

That way, all the user has to do is take a picture and tinker with the parts they'd like to change. Soon after, just wait for the application to load to observe the result.

In short, you can increase or decrease parts of the body or face. Just to illustrate this function a little, you can increase the breasts, reduce the nose, reduce the hips and much more.

Increased demand for this type of tool

In fact, the search for this type of application has grown a lot in recent years. If, on the one hand, it helps people who are still undecided about an aesthetic surgical procedure, on the other hand, it can end up generating conflict.

The vast majority of people who resort to plastic surgery are dissatisfied with their body or face because of beauty standards. So, it is necessary to consider this decision.

This means that before deciding on a more invasive procedure, it is necessary to think about the real need for it. If you choose to carry out this type of procedure, the plastic surgery simulator it can be very helpful.

Step by step on how to use the plastic surgery simulator

At first, it is a very easy and simple application to use. In addition, it offers several instructions and tutorials for users who have just started using it. Next, learn how to simulate plastic surgery.

  • Add a body photo or a selfie;
  • Wait for your photo to be uploaded, it may take a few seconds;
  • Make the changes you would like to make through surgeries;
  • Wait for changes to be made to your photo;
  • See the end result;
  • Check out the before and after.

In short, theplastic surgery simulator it is very intuitive and practical to use. Many people resort to it in order to feel safer before performing some type of aesthetic surgical procedure.

In fact, there are many possibilities. The most popular modifications in the application are: liposuction (when fat is removed from parts of the body) and rhinoplasty (modification of the structure of the nose).

Functions that stand out most in the simulation application

O plastic surgery simulator it has many other functions. First, after making the changes through the application, you can request a quote for the plastic surgery itself.

You can see before and after photos of patients who have undergone plastic surgery. In addition, there is a lot of information about the most diverse aesthetic procedures.

Finally, you can contact Washington Plastic Surgery, either to learn more about the clinic or to make an appointment to perform a procedure.

Is it worth using this type of simulator?

First of all, the plastic surgery simulator it is very useful and effective. That is, you can get an idea of how the person will look if they choose to have a certain plastic surgery.

But, it is worth understanding that the application is not one hundred percent realistic. Firstly, this is because it only uses a photo of the user as a parameter. Second, because it can deliver unrealistic results.

So, it's interesting to use it in order to kill curiosity or to have a distant notion of the result. However, always bearing in mind that only a surgeon can speak more about real results.

How to download plastic surgery simulator

Mod Your Body is a application American, which was created with the help of a renowned plastic surgeon. Today, it is only available for iOS devices.

Furthermore, it is a completely free tool that manages to offer several interesting functions. And that's not to mention the information it provides about surgical procedures.

If you have an iOS device, all you have to do is download the plastic surgery simulator at app store. So, you can start making changes to your photos.