Photo Editor App – See which celebrity you look like


Learn more about photo editor app Star by Face. The app that promises to tell you which celebrity you are most like. Initially, the photo editor app allows the user to find out which celebrity he is most like. 

In short, the application has a system that detects some important points of the face. Therefore, it can compare with photos of famous people and present which one the user is closest to visually.


In that sense, it is a photo editor app with a different idea. Mainly because it lets you share the results on social networks. Anyway, if you want to know more about this application, continue here and learn much more.

photo editor app
photo editor app (image from Google)

All about photo editing apps

As technology has developed, the applications industry has also benefited. In this sense, today in the market, people can count on a multitude of application options. Since, the most sought after are those for photo editing.

That way, daily, thousands of people search for new photo editor app ideas. Thus, there were applications that say which celebrity the user looks like. 

In short, apps of this type rely on Artificial Intelligence technology. Therefore, they are able to make a comparison with the user's photo and the photos of famous people. Finally, it presents the celebrity that the user most resembles.

Why download photo editor app?

At first, this kind of photo editor app is used for fun purposes. Thus, it became very popular in a short time of use. In short, people rushed to download the application and be able to post on their social networks who their doppelganger was.

In this way, the application that helps you find your “famous twin” is still being downloaded a lot. However, apps of this type do not only have this function.

In fact, they offer a range of other functions. So that ends up making them even more useful. Just to illustrate, apps of this type usually offer a powerful photo editor. 

How to take photo to use in photo editor app?

First of all, what you have to keep in mind is that the photo editor app works best with a good quality photo. But how to take a picture like that? It's very simple, just follow the tips below:

  • selfie function: always choose the front camera to make sure your photo comes out perfect. 
  • blur effect: In the selfie function of your smartphone's camera, activate the background blur option.
  • brightness: the ideal is to take advantage of natural light. Thus, your photo will be even more beautiful.
  • Do not move: so try to place your camera or smartphone in a safe and flat place. In the end, you will see that it makes all the difference. 
  • Try saying no to flash: finally, whenever possible try to avoid this function. Especially if the place has natural light.

After following all our tips, you'll see that your photo will look almost professional. Also, a good quality photo improves the functionality of the photo editor app.

Then we'll talk more about the app that shows you which celebrity you look like. So, be sure to check out more information about the app that is most popular.

How does the app work?

First of all, many people wonder how the app is able to identify who you look like. That way, basically, it works by identifying some points on your face.

And there's more, another technology allied to the photo editor app is artificial intelligence. With this, she can search the databases for photos that come closest to her face structure.

So, anyone who thinks the app works just for the sake of it is wrong. That's because it has a deeper foundation. Which ends up making this type of app much more interesting.

How to download photo editor app

Firstly, we have the app most downloaded of this style: Star by Face. Therefore, he is very successful among Internet users. Mainly because it is simple and very quick to use. Not to mention that it has a number of cool tools.

In short, all you have to do is put a selfie of yourself in the photo editor app. It will then compare a database of celebrity photos and tell you which one you most resemble. So it's a really fun process.

At the end of the process, you can still post the result achieved on your social networks. Finally, to download the application, just go to your app store on your cell phone. Thus, the application is available on play store and on app store.