Panflix – Download the Jovem Pan app and access various content


O Panflix is an app that was created by Jovem Pan to be a type of streaming. That is, with it you will stay on top of everything that happens on the Jovem Pan radio and TV network. Therefore, the company has put everything in one place, so that you have the option of accessing it easily and quickly with just a few taps on your mobile device.

In this way, by being part of the app's users Panflix, you will have access to news content, debates, entertainment, sports, technology, current affairs, among others. It has options for the whole family. Do you like podcasts? Well, no Panflix you will have access to several different subjects to choose what you want to listen to.


Plus, you decide how you want to watch. There is live and on-demand content available at all times. And more, you will be able to have access to all the contents of the Panflix without spending a dollar. Furthermore, the app is 100% free. Therefore, have a complete and better app close to you: for all hours!

Panflix (Image from Google)

What are the contents present in the Panflix?

When installing the Panflix on your digital device, you will have access to a range of entertainment options. From humor to political discussions, sport and entertainment, health and news. In this way, the Panflix is the platform that unites all of Joven Pan in a single digital platform made exclusively for you, the listener and viewer!

Therefore, if you want to listen to news programs, you will have a range of options, including: 3 em 1, Mulheres da Pan, Jornal da Manhã and Os Pingos nos Is. Likewise, if you want to access content for children, they can have fun with: Geek Language, JP Kids and Portuguese with Cíntia Chaves.

Also, if you like to stay on top of what is happening in the world of football, there are sports programs available, such as Camisa 10, Esporte em Discussão and JP Sports. Anyway, the Panflix provides yet another variety of programs on various subjects, such as entertainment, economics, and health.

Advantages of the app Panflix

As Panflix installed on the device you will have access to a series of advantages. The main thing is being able to watch and listen to different programs anywhere and at any time of the day. Thus, from live or even recordings to watch at any time. So, see more advantages of the app Panflix Next:

  • watch all the content available on Jovem Pan channels;
  • have access to thousands of podcasts, on various subjects, such as politics, sport, technology, news, finance, among others. There are several programs, such as Sport and Discussion, Morning Newspaper, Panic, Impossible Mission, in addition to many other options;
  • access videos from your region in a separate menu for easier and faster access;
  • the best advantage of all, the app is completely free! That is, have access to a diversity of contents at any time and place, and do not pay anything for it;
  • Do you have favorite frames, episodes and shows? Save them so that they are always at your disposal with faster and easier access;
  • the app has a related videos feature. In this way, it indicates videos similar to the ones you usually watch;
  • Did you like a video or podcast? Then, share it with your friends and family in a few taps on your cell phone.

In this way, an intuitive and easily accessible platform is available on your mobile device, with a variety of content that appeals to all tastes. Watch and listen to programs whenever and wherever you want in a simple and completely free way. If you want to know how to download this app, see below.

How to download and start using the app Panflix

If you liked the functions and advantages of using this app from Jovem Pan, know that downloading it is quick and easy. How about having a complete entertainment app in the palm of your hands to watch whenever and wherever you want? To do this, follow the step by step on how to download the app. Panflix, developed by Jovem Pan.

The app is available for Android and iOS systems. Therefore, to download it, go to play store and the app store. Then click on install and wait for it to complete. And ready! After this process the app Panflix will be available to use on your mobile device. Easy, isn't it? How about trying this app?

With more than half a million downloads on the Play Store and being in 7th place in the News category on the App Store, make yourself part of the users of Panflix! Access Joven Pan content at any time of the day and from anywhere. I use this streaming and don't miss out on news from Brazil and the world!