Online Series: Find out which are the best services for binge-watching series


more and more online series are becoming an option when looking for entertainment. After all, with so many options, there is not enough time to keep up with the news.

Thinking about making it easier to watch this type of content, several platforms and services have been created in recent years. What has left many people confused when choosing the best option.


So, today we are going to deal with a very simple way to marathon online series. If you are interested in the subject or are looking for a good service to watch your favorite titles, check out more information below.

Online series
Online series (Image from Google)

Watching series is the new hobby

Over time, new forms of entertainment and leisure were created. In the face of new interests, technology worked to develop new ways to meet people's needs.

In this way, streaming platforms were created. For a number of years, Netflix was king when it came to watching content online. But, little by little, that is changing.

Currently, there are several alternative options to Netflix. And they stand out for a number of features, such as price, catalog options, functions and much more.

Learn more about the best service to watch series online

Initially, unlike most streaming platforms, this service offers other means of watching online series. Just to illustrate, through it you can rent, buy or watch with a monthly subscription.

And an important detail is that it is a Brazilian service. That being one of the reasons to be more accessible. Moreover, it stands out for having a wide range of options for marathoning.

In short, the service functions both as a conventional streaming platform and as a video rental or title store. Thus, each user chooses the best way to watch their favorite content.

What kind of device is it available on?

At first, this service was only available for mobile devices. However, with the demand and the arrival of new users, the developer company decided to expand its scope. Check where to watch:

  • Computers, via the app or the web;
  • Smart TVs (Semp Toshiba, Panasonic, LG, Sony, Philips…)
  • Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and the like) Android and iOS;
  • Televisions with Android system;
  • Chromecast;
  • Xbox consoles.

In addition, the application intends to incorporate its service to other platforms. So, soon it will be available on Sony consoles (PS3, PS4 and PS5) and other brands of television.

But what matters is that you can watch your online series favorites with a high standard quality. And the best part is that it's very easy to subscribe and use.

What kind of content is available in the catalogue?

Evidently, you must be wondering if it is worth paying for this service. So, know that what most calls attention in this application is the amount of diversity of titles, including online series.

The list of titles comprises several categories such as: comedy movies, spine-chilling movies, great adventures and much more. And in the series part, he also leaves nothing to be desired.

Just to illustrate, some categories present are: investigation series, series from around the world, series for children and many other options. So, learn more about the subscription below.

General subscription information

As we said earlier, the subscription fee is more affordable than most streaming services. In fact, the purpose of this tool is to take online series quality products for people at a lower price.

In general, the service offers three subscription plan options. Thus, each user can choose the one that best fits their pocket and profile. But, in short, the intermediate plan is the best value for money.

The intermediate plan offers a catalog without limitations. In addition, it also makes the plan accessible for children, completely free of charge. Furthermore, it is the ideal plan for families, as it allows the use of up to three devices together.

Find out what the online series application is and how to download it

If you were curious to know what the app is, your wait is over. This is Looke, a streaming platform that integrates movie purchase and rental services and online series.

As you already know, it is available for televisions, consoles and Chromecast. But, it also allows users to watch through mobile devices. So, just download it on your smartphone. For that, it's very simple. In short, just go to your local apps, so you can find the app both on app store how much in play store. After downloading, just choose a plan and enjoy.