My Talking Tom 2 – The Funniest Ever


At first the My Talking Tom 2 is the app that followed one of the most successful games. Thus, it deals with the character Tom, an animated cat. In this way, the new sequence has many other functions and abilities.

In that sense, Tom is now a much more reactive character. Thus, the game allows for new interactions and more fun tasks. In short, the sequel to the app brought over 500 new items to interact with the most famous kitty in apps.


In this way, the My Talking Tom 2 it's the funniest sequel there could be. Check out all the new features of the new application right now. Beforehand, know that it is perfect for children. But it also manages to conquer many adults. 

My Talking Tom 2
My Talking Tom 2 (Google image)

What's new in My Talking Tom 2?

Firstly, the game sequence features various types of minigames. In addition, a great advantage is being able to explore new worlds through Tom's plane. And there's more, you can even find new things and take them to his house.

Undeniably, the game has new types of interactions. Therefore, it is worth mentioning Tom's new pets. In short, you can find these new creatures out there. In addition, you still have to feed them and wait for their reaction.

Finally, another novelty is that you can sign a version in My Talking Tom 2. However, you have to remember that the game can be played for free. So, you only pay if you want to have different functions and features.

Additional Information

In addition to everything that has been said before, the new sequel to the game has more new things. Therefore, we think it appropriate to let you know that the new version has more advertisements and promotions.

Furthermore, the game even offers the possibility to connect the application with Youtube. In this way, users can watch content from My Talking Tom 2 characters.

Finally, we couldn't stop talking about the new payment methods. So, as you may know, the game has some features and items that can be purchased. In this sense, the developers have introduced new payment methods.

My Talking Tom 2 subscriptions and values

First of all, as we said earlier, the game has some paid versions. That way, you can get additional functions and features through a monthly paid subscription. Thus, the different types of subscription are:

  • Game Plan: first, we have the gamer plan subscription option. So, in that case, you have infinite energy. That way, you can play the minigames without worrying. And pay a monthly fee.
  • Daily Plan: then we have the daily plan. Therefore, it is another type of monthly paid plan. However, in this plan you have 750 tokens for the flight, 2 incredible soaps and 3 different types of food.
  • VIP Plan: Finally, the VIP plan is also available for a monthly fee. However, in this case, you have 750 flight tokens, 2 exciting soaps and 3 different types of food. Besides other things.

That way, you can choose between playing the version of My Talking Tom 2 free or pay for some monthly plan. However, you need to be aware of the payment method and benefits of each plan.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the game is available for Android and iOS.

Is it worth paying to play My Talking Tom 2?

In advance, if you only want to play sporadically, it is best to stay with the free version of the application. But, if you want to play the mini games without having to wait for the power generation, it's best to subscribe.

That way, when subscribing to one of the plans presented above, you have additional features and items. Thus, this ends up making the game more fun and complete. Besides not having to wait to play.

So, first of all, it's worth knowing more about each of the paid subscription plans. 

How to download and play?

In advance, it is a very simple process. Therefore, you must go to the apps and search for "My Talking Tom 2”. Then, after properly downloading and installing the game on your device, you must read the Terms and Conditions.

In this sense, it must be said that the game works through an Internet connection. So be aware of your mobile data usage and try to use Wi-Fi. Finally, just start having fun with the most famous cat in all apps. 

In that sense, just look for My Talking Tom 2 in your app store. So you can find it on play store and on app store. After that, just download and enjoy having fun.