Mental health – Check out three apps that can help you


Nowadays, with the big cities, with commuting in traffic to work, and with an increasingly hectic life, we end up leaving health aside to fulfill all our day-to-day goals. However, it is important to think that we must take care not only of physical health, but also of mental health.

Obesity, depression and anxiety are diseases that are increasingly present in our society. And among many of the important factors that should also be analyzed are excessive demands, the pressure to be and become what they expect, comparison and immediacy, so present today with the advancement of social networks.


So how about using technology to our advantage? There are applications that can help make the day lighter and, in this way, contribute to your mental health. Whether doing a meditation, daily physical exercise or organizing the agenda. See below 3 apps that can help you recover and improve your mental health.

Mental health
Mental health (Image from Google)

Calm – an app to help with your mental health

Calm is nothing more than an app that will help you sleep and meditate. Furthermore, with more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store and ranked 20th in the Health & Fitness category on the App Store, it is an app that will make you a more relaxed person. As well as, it will contribute to your mental health.

Calm uses stories, music, meditations, soundscapes and many other features to give you a good night's sleep. Furthermore, it is recommended for all people. In this way, both beginners and experts in meditation will be able to enjoy the app and ensure improvements in relaxation.

Choose the duration of your meditation and best adapt it to your routine. And thus have daily doses to control anxiety, reduce stress, ensure a deep sleep, among others. To download, go to play store or the app store and download. Are you ready to improve your mental health?


Seven is a 7-minute workout app. In this way, he puts together fun workouts so that he can offer you the greatest possible benefit in a short time. Therefore, have access to personalized workouts to lose weight or gain lean mass. See below the features of this app for the mental health:

  • with the Seven app, do workouts without needing equipment whenever and wherever you want;
  • the app provides daily challenges so that users feel encouraged and do not abandon training;
  • share the app with friends and family and compete with them on workouts to increase support and encouragement to exercise;
  • make a collection of your achievements as you change your workouts and routines, and feel more and more motivated to keep exercising;
  • create workouts for your lifestyle, according to your goals and needs;
  • have access to certified personal trainers so that your workouts are exclusively oriented and get better results;
  • get access to an app that will encourage you to create bonds to improve your physical and mental health. Also, have fun with the different instructors.

If you liked the functions and benefits of the app and want to download it to improve your mental health, do it easily and quickly. Get access to over 200 fun, fast and effective workouts, stay motivated and get fast results. So go to play store or the app store and download the app.

app for mental health, Diary – Mood Control

With this app you'll have a private diary on your cell phone. However, don't worry, you won't need to type to record your day to day. Furthermore, it is an app that does not have a defined focus on what it will monitor. So the choice is in your hands! Make it an app to control and monitor whatever you want.

Therefore, he assists you in the care of your physical, mental and also emotional health. With Daylio you can add humor to your daily activities. As well as, if you want to write something about it and also add photos. This way it will monitor your actions and the humor added to each one of them.

In this way, using statistics, you will organize the scenarios and the mood you felt in each one of them. And therefore, you will be able to know which activities make you more or less motivated, happy, sad, among others. To download the app go to play store or the app store and download it and start monitoring your day to day.