Maternity aid for unemployed mothers – See how to apply


Are you a mother and were fired from your job after becoming pregnant, or do you know someone who is in this situation? If yes, learn more about maternity allowance for unemployed mother. It is a government program that works with the aim of helping pregnant mothers or mothers who have recently had a baby and are experiencing difficulties due to lack of work.

Want to know more? Read this article and learn all the information about this government aid. Who knows, maybe you can fit the requirements and benefit? Also, at a time as vulnerable as pregnancy and giving birth to a child, losing your job is a bit nerve-wracking.


Besides, a child requires a lot of care and attention. Thus, many times the mother is alone, helpless and cannot leave the baby at home or in the nursery, nor can she count on the help of family members. Thus, this government assistance can help many mothers to make this situation less hopeless.

maternity allowance for unemployed mother
Maternity allowance for unemployed mother (Image from Google)

Know more about maternity allowance for unemployed mother

A curiosity about maternity aid is that it can be paid for both women and men who are attested by the INSS. What's more, you should also know maternity aid as maternity pay. Therefore, the mother or father receives when the birth of a child takes place. However, not just that.

Maternity aid can also be acquired in cases of adoption, and also in case the mother undergoes an unpremeditated abortion. Furthermore, in the case of payment of this aid, the INSS or the employer will have to bear the costs, the paying source will vary according to the situation of each mother or father.

In addition, it is extremely important to remember that the maternity salary must accompany the maternity leave. In addition, these two, both financial help and time to spend with the child, will provide a greater bond between parents and children and between children and parents. For it will be like a peaceful rest with money for sustenance.

See who can receive this assistance

Now that you know what maternity aid is and what it is for, see below who are the people who can receive this aid from the government. Furthermore, certain requirements are necessary to be able to request and receive the maternity allowance for unemployed mother. So, see below who are the people who can benefit:

  • the person applying must be insured by the INSS, that is, he must be contributing to some company, working alone, being a maid or performing other jobs, such as rural ones;
  • furthermore, the 1988 Federal Constitution guarantees the right to INSS insured persons who have given birth to a child;
  • INSS insured persons who have adopted a child;
  • for INSS insured persons who have suffered some type of abortion, as long as it is not intentionally criminal;
  • to the INSS insured person who gives birth to a baby who cannot resist childbirth and dies;
  • if the spouse dies while still receiving the aid, the mother may receive the contribution in a double dose, provided that the father has been contributing to the INSS;
  • for mothers who are unemployed and who are still in grace, thus possessing the assured class;
  • the insured person from the INSS who, when giving birth or during pregnancy, suffers some risk to her life;
  • to men insured by the INSS when both, being a couple, adopt a child.

Furthermore, there are other situations in which someone can apply for maternity aid. In this way, she receives the benefit again. Thus, if you found the information interesting and fulfill the requirements present in the maternity aid, learn how to apply for the benefit and guarantee receipt.

How to apply for maternity assistance

Do you meet all the requirements or do you know someone who does? So, find out how to apply for the maternity allowance for unemployed mother. However, if you still have doubts, download the app AMPARO, by play store, to find out if you are entitled to this benefit. What's more, accessing it is easy and fast.

Therefore, if you already know that you are entitled, follow the information below. For this you will need some documents. Among them, original documents with a photo, and also take a power of attorney. And afterwards, if you wish, it will be better if you have access to a social security lawyer. So just go after your rights.

In this way, it does not matter if the cause of dismissal was for just cause or if it was within a deadline. The unemployed woman is entitled to assistance. Therefore, just prove your requirements and shortcomings. In this way, the receipt of the aid will be guaranteed, if necessary, hire a lawyer.