Lie Detector app – Find out who is lying with this app


First of all, the lie detector app is ideal for those people who always wanted to know about how the polygraph works. That is, for anyone who has ever wanted to know if a friend is telling the truth or not.

Among many polygraph test pranks, this app was created to make everything simpler. In short, all the user needs to do is say something and place their finger to start the test.


If you don't give up playing with one lie detector app, this program is essential. So what are you waiting for to discover and start using the application right now?

lie detector app
lie detector app (Image from Google)

What is the Lie Detector App?

As its name implies, this is an application that automatically detects lies. Of course, the process he does is just a joke, but you can have a lot of fun with him.

In summary, this software was created for people to have fun testing their friends and family. Also, it can be a very useful app to entertain the kids. 

And to prove that the lie detector app it's just a fake simulator, it even allows the user to predefine the results. Thus, this ends up making the test much funnier.

How does the lie detection app work?

As lie detector app you can test as many people as you want. First of all, all you have to do is ask the other person something and hope that he or she answers sincerely.

Second, when she responds, ask her to place her finger with your fingerprint on the phone's screen. Right after, you can press the volume button to cheat in the prank.

This can be done just by pressing one of your phone's volume buttons. So press the volume down button if you want the answer to be considered a lie and press the up button to be the truth.

Main functionalities of the application

As you may have noticed, the application is a great way to play and play pranks on acquaintances. So, check out the main features of this app below.

  • It has a simple and easy-to-use interface;
  • It has a light that resembles an LED light to collect the fingerprint;
  • Emits different sounds when realizing a lie;
  • Simulates a lie or truth test;
  • Allows the result to be changed in advance;

Therefore, the lie detector app It's a very interesting way to play with people. For adults, this type of application is used for games involving drinks, for example.

In fact, one of the best functions is being able to change the result both at the time of the test and beforehand. Because of these and other features, the app is so highly rated in the store.

What are the advantages of using the lie detector?

At first, the app is a great way to keep kids entertained. At the same time, it's a great source of fun for the little ones. But, the advantages do not stop there.

Amidst user reviews of the app, most people can be seen praising how easy it is to use. That's because the app's interface and instructions are very simple and practical.

Moreover, another positive side that deserves to be highlighted is the fact that the lie detector app be completely free. But, of course, on the downside, there can be certain disadvantages as well.

And the disadvantages, what are they?

All in all, the main downside of using the lie detect app is the amount of ads. In fact, many users complain about advertisements that “jump” on the screen in the middle of the lie or truth test.

Next, another disadvantage cited by those who downloaded and used the application is the fact that it does not match reality. Anyway, although these are points that deserve relevance, they can be justified.

Therefore, the presence of ads serves to make a profit for those who developed the application. It can be said that this is what keeps the gratuity of the lie detector app

How to download the Lie Detector App?

Finally, after knowing more about the application that detects lies, let's deal with the step by step of how to download it. But before that, remember: this is an app for Android devices.

That said, if you have a smartphone with an Android operating system, you don't have to wait to have fun with the lie detector app. In fact, all you have to do is download it from play store.

After downloading and waiting for the installation, the application will be ready for use. So what are you waiting for to find out if your friends are telling the truth?