Kwai – Find out how to earn coins and codes


Initially, the application Kwai is a social network for posting and watching short videos. In fact, this type of application is gaining more space every day, as it enables fast content consumption. 

Since its launch, the application has some missions to be accomplished daily. And the best part is that the coins that users earn in these missions can be exchanged for real money.


Soon, many people enter the Kwai in order to earn extra income. But, they end up staying because the app is addictive. Today, we are going to cover more about how to use this application. Want to know the top tips? Follow now.

Kwai (Image from Google)

Discover the Kwai video app

In short, the Kwai it follows the characteristics of another very popular video app: TikTok. As such, it is an application that allows users to post video content and watch videos from others around the world.

What most drew attention to this application was the fact that it serves as a source of extra money. Every day, the app offers missions or challenges for users to complete. 

That way, in exchange for each goal that is achieved, the video app pays you with coins, calls kwai Golds. Faced with a certain amount of these coins, users can exchange them for real-life money.

What are the ways to earn Kwai Golds?

Initially, the first way to earn app coins is by asking new users to use your invitation code. In summary, for each user who enters the Kwai, you guarantee R$3.

As the new user completes certain missions, you earn larger amounts. For example, if he watches videos for 3 minutes for 3 days, you earn a total of R$1. And this value can reach R$12.

Finally, another way people use to earn coins is by watching videos for a certain amount of time. Therefore, rewards can range from 400 to 1,200 coins, depending on how long the user stays in the app.

Discover the main functions of the application

Before being a way to earn extra money, the Kwai is an application that holds the attention of users a lot. In this way, to learn more about it, check out what are its main functions available.

  • Record videos;
  • Edit videos;
  • Put filters and effects on videos;
  • Live individually or with another person simultaneously;
  • Watch videos;
  • Share videos on social networks;
  • Earn money;
  • Play games from the app itself.

Finally, in summary, it was possible to realize how much the Kwai it can be fun. Besides, it's a great way to pass the time and have fun on a daily basis.

Not to mention that many people are migrating to the application. In particular, those people who create content. Once again, this is proof that the way content is consumed is changing.

How to enter someone else's invitation code

As this is one of the easiest ways to earn money in the app, people spend time sharing their links and invite codes. I'm sure you've seen something like this on social media.

So all you have to do is click on a user's link or enter their code in the special area of the Kwai. In general, you need to go to the Financial Center to enter the code in the requested field.

Once this is done, the money of the person you used the invitation from will be available to them within 72 hours. Now that you've entered the app, you can invite other people too. Follow how to do it below.

How to invite new users

In order to generate your link to invite new users to the application, you must go to the Central Financeira tab. Once there, you can general your invite link by clicking on the “invite” button.

Within a few seconds your invite link will be generated. After that, you can already share it on social networks. If you prefer, you can share directly from Kwai, just click on the buttons for each social network.

The idea is to get as many people as possible to use your invitation code, because that way you can earn more money. It's worth sending to friends and family.

How to download kwai

O application It is available for mobile devices that have Android and iOS operating systems. Therefore, you can download the application from your app store: at play store or in app store.

After starting and finishing the download, it's time to wait until the installation is done. Soon after, you can start watching videos and earning money.

In general, to get started you need to create an account. In this part, you can enter the invitation code of some other user, but it is not mandatory. So sign up and start having fun.