Internet Speedometer – Test your Internet for free


First of all, more and more people are looking for internet speedometer. Therefore, this tool is very important to test your connection. So it's a quick and easy process.

Nowadays, it is very common for people to complain about slow internet. In this way, most people experience a very recurring problem: receiving less data than they should. 


So, use the internet speedometer It is very useful for these situations. In this sense, today we will talk more about Internet speed tests. So, if you want to learn more about this function, keep reading this article.

internet speedometer
Internet Speedometer (Google image)

Importance of using Internet Speedometer

At first, knowing your Internet speed is very important. Mainly for you to be sure that the amount you are paying is being fair. In addition, having a concrete result can serve as proof to seek your rights.

In short, Internet tests are used by users all over the world. Since it is very important to know how many your connection is. Eventually, it is necessary to seek this type of test.

Anyway, did you notice that your series is crashing or that social networks are taking time to update? So this could be a sign that you are getting too little data. Therefore, a good solution is to use a internet speedometer.

Information displayed by Internet Speedometer

Initially, the connection test software identifies your IP. In other words, IP is your network address. Therefore, it is important to say that each computer has its own IP. Then it will bring some information, such as:

  • Download Speed
  • Upload Speed
  • Ping or Latency

In this way, it is worth noting that it is important for you to know a little more about each of these pieces of information. So, first of all, you have to run the internet test on your device.

Right after running the Internet test, it will show you the final results. Thus, there are three important pieces of information. In this sense, we will talk a little more about each of this information in detail.

download speed

Firstly, the internet speedometer can identify the download speed. In other words, this is about the speed with which you can download a file or update social networks.

So for that the device has to connect with the server to be able to use the necessary data packets. Soon after, all this has to be downloaded onto your device (smartphone, computer, tv…).

But how do I analyze this data? In short, it's very simple, you just have to see if the value shown is close to the contracted number. Just to illustrate: if the contract was 10 Mbps, the ideal is that the value is between 8 Mbps and 10 Mbps.

upload speed

Then another value shown by Internet speedometer is the upload speed. So it's about the speed with which you send files to the server. In this way, it is the opposite of downloading.

So, it is used when you send an email, whatsapp message, play online etc. So, it is worth mentioning that this upload rate is usually lower than the download rate. So this is because we download more stuff than we upload, in general.

However, if that speed is too low, it can be a problem. Thus, observe the contracted numbers and the numbers obtained in the test. Then just compare. 

3 – Ping or Latency

Finally, the last number shown by the Internet speedometer is the latency. In this way, it is a word that is very present in online games. In summary, the lower the ping rate, the better.

Just to exemplify, you can have a fast internet speed. But, if by chance the ping is high, the data will be sent slowly. As a result, you may see “lags” in games. In other words, they are the ones that are stuck in the middle of the game.

Certainly, these situations are pretty boring. Mainly because it ends up disturbing your gaming experience, for example. So when you see a high ping rate, it's worth complaining.

Internet Speedometer: Best Connection Test Option

Finally, it's time to meet Which one is the best internet speedometer. That said, we're talking about the nPerf test. In short, nPerf works through a website. Thus, it is possible to measure the connection of different connection types.

Just to exemplify, some options to be measured are: ADSL, VDSL, fiber, cable, optics, satellite, wifi, wimax and much more. So, to make the measurement as accurate as possible, the site uses a large network with multiple servers.

In that sense, to use the nPerf Internet speedometer is very easy. In short, just access the Speedometer website and start testing for the connection of interest. Also, you can run the test on your computer or on your mobile phone.