How to Watch Travessia Live and Online – Check it out


find it out how to watch Travessia live and online by cell phone or computer, without paying anything for it. The plot is yet another production by Rede Globo and has been conquering viewers who enjoy a good nine o'clock soap opera. To not miss any chapter, check out the tips.

In short, the soap opera Travessia tells the story of Brisa, played by actress Lucy Alves. In the plot, the young woman is the victim of a “deepfake” which ends up causing a major turnaround in his life. So, worthy of strong emotions, the soap opera surprises the public with each new chapter that airs.


If you want to follow the outcome of this story, then check it out how to watch Travessia live and online. Incidentally, it is also possible to review chapters that have already been aired, thanks to the “streaming” from the broadcaster. See, in the following topics, more information about the plot of the telenovela and how to watch “online”.

how to watch Travessia live and online
how to watch Travessia live and online (Google images)

soap opera plot

Our main objective here is to show you how to watch Travessia live and online, but first, understand a little about the plot of the telenovela. After that, you who still don't follow the plot will have a good reason to start right now. In fact, if you're looking for good entertainment, you've just found it.

The telenovela, authored by the writer Glória Peres, has the actors Lucy Alves, Chay Suede It is Romulo Estrela as protagonists. Besides them, Giovanna Antonelli, Rodrigo Lombardi and other renowned actors are part of the cast. For more, Jade Picon makes her debut as an actress and surprises fans.

In the plot, a love between Brisa and Ari arises even as children. Both lived in Maranhão, but Ari, with the support of his mother, intends to go to São Paulo and ends up going without Brisa. Unsatisfied, Brisa decides to go after her lover, where she ends up being a victim of “deepfake” and suffers a hard time from there.

What is a deepfake

Obviously, we will not “spoiler”, because those who still don't follow can check it out how to watch Travessia live and online. Each phase of the soap opera has its emotions and suspense that make it interesting. Even the plot of the telenovela addresses the consequences of a “deepfake”.

But after all, what is a “deepfake”? Undoubtedly, an interesting subject to be put on the agenda today. This is because it is a kind of fake news in the "Internet”. In this case, an artificial intelligence technique is used to change someone's face in a photograph.

In the telenovela, a teenager decides to make a "joke" on the social networks. However, he ends up using Brisa's face in a news photo that shows a child kidnapper. Upon arriving in São Paulo, Brisa is recognized and persecuted by the people, with no idea why.

How to watch Travessia live and online on PC

If you want to know how to watch Travessia live and online, then know that it is possible to access all of Rede Globo's free content through its streaming platform. “streaming", O GloboPlay. Access is simple and all you need is to create an account to watch the telenovela and other broadcast programs.

The first step to watch live programming is to access the page on “web”, through the address Then click on the tab “now on tv”. Soon, you will be able to see all of Globo's complete programming. To see the telenovela Travessia, just access it around 20:35.

It is worth mentioning that, in the first access, it will be necessary to create an account in "site”. This will be your access on all GloboPay platforms, including the app available for Smart TVs. As soon as you register, you will be able to access exclusive content on the network, such as soap operas, movies and series.

How to watch Travessia live and online on your cell phone

When it comes to how to watch Travessia live and online, the first way is the TV broadcast. However, it may not be possible to be in front of the small screen at program time. In this case, we resort to the incredible technology we have at hand, “a mobile application”. Here's how to use the tool:

  • First of all, go to your device's app store, android or iOS;
  • Then type "GloboPlay” in the search tab and click on the first result;
  • Then, follow the instructions to download the app and open it;
  • After opening the application, you must follow the same instructions that we showed earlier for accessing the website;
  • Then, create your Globo account or log in if you have already registered before.

See how simple it is? In addition to the entire usual catalog of the network, they currently have an exclusive tab with the theme world Cup. The objective is, without a doubt, to keep the viewer connected to their favorite programs. By the way, it is possible to watch the programs live or recorded.

Application free

Now you know how to watch Travessia live and online, but after all, does all this practicality come at a cost? This is a recurring question, so let's get down to business. The fact is, the GloboPlay is a Globo platform that broadcasts all the programs that air freely on TV for free.

However, it is still a paid platform. Obviously, the plans offered by the network give access to a content “premium” and some exclusives. For example, watching old soap operas that are no longer on the air. In addition to other sports channels, children's programming and much more.

Anyway, to be a subscriber and enjoy all the best features of GloboPlay, will bear a monthly cost between R$14.90 The R$59.90 monthly. In fact, with the basic plan you can watch the previous chapters of the telenovela Crossing. Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the tips, follow our blog and see much more.