How does Pluto TV work? See how to download the app and watch free movies


First of all, today we will talk about how pluto tv works. So just to put that in context, Pluto TV is kind of a streaming-focused platform. It serves to watch television channels, movies and series.

And the best part is that you can watch all this content for free. It is also worth mentioning that this platform is available for Apple TV, iOS, Roku and is being developed for Android.


To know more about how pluto tv works, just continue here. Then we will talk more about the service of this new streaming platform. If you want to enjoy watching free content, be sure to check it out.

how pluto tv works
How Pluto TV works (image from Google)

Contextualizing Pluto TV

To begin with, Pluto Tv is a streaming platform and belongs to the Paramount company. Founded in 2013, it differs from other platforms in the category because it also provides television channels in its catalogue.

In this way, the number of title options to watch is much greater on Pluto TV. In addition, you can access your service through Internet browsers, Smart TVs and mobile devices. 

Anyway, one feature that makes this platform different from the others is that it is not necessary to log in to access it. So basically what you need is to have an internet connection.

How does the Pluto TV service work?

As we said earlier, to watch free content it is ideal to learn how pluto tv works. So, the positive side is that it is a very simple and easy process. 

Generally speaking, there are two ways to use Pluto TV. The first way is to use the service to watch the programming that is going live. This means that the spectator cannot choose what he wants to see.

On the other hand, you can also watch content called “on demand”. If that's the viewer's intention, they just have to choose the type of content they want to watch at a given moment.

What's in the Pluto TV catalogue?

Now that it's clear how pluto tv works, how about getting to know the content in your catalogue? Therefore, in titles considered “on demand” or on demand, categories such as:

  • Comedy
  • Cine Ação
  • Cine Drama
  • anime
  • Investigation
  • Nickelodeon (Kids and Junior)
  • MTV
  • Pluto TV South Park

Currently, Pluto TV has almost 30 channels that are broadcast live. However, beforehand it is important to say that the platform is already studying to add more options. 

Among the options available today are: Cine Sucessos; Anime; Cine Comedy; The three Stooges; Nickelodeon Junior, Cine Natal; Christmas songs; Pluto TV Porta dos Fundos and many others.

Why use this platform?

Evidently, the benefit that draws the most attention is the fact that the service is completely free. So, first of all, you need to understand more precisely how pluto tv works.

In short, Pluto TV is a service that is kept running by partners who advertise on it. In this way, the profit is given from the display of ads between one title and another.

Another reason to use the platform is that it has titles from several companies that partner with it. Just to exemplify, some partners are: Lionsgate; Universal Pictures; Sony Pictures; Globo Filmes and many others.

Understanding how the streaming service works

The streaming platform's features are slim, so it's easy to understand how pluto tv works. In summary, the platform boils down to its two menus: the horizontal menu and the side menu.

First, the horizontal menu is the one at the top of the screen. It is from there that the user will choose which type of content he wants to watch, live content or on-demand content.

The side menu is in the left corner of the screen. Through it, it is possible to check some important information about the Pluto TV service. The topics are: Terms of Use; Privacy Policy; Cookie Policy; Legal Support.

How to use Pluto TV?

In advance, you already know that there is no need to log in to the platform. This happens precisely because it is a service that is completely free. But, remember that there are several appearances of advertisements.

Anyway, basically, it's up to you to choose which device you're going to connect through. Therefore, we recommend understanding how pluto tv works computer, in a browser like Google Chrome, for example.

So just access the Pluto TV website through a computer and start enjoying its contents. Therefore, the first screen will show the catalog containing the channels and their categories.