Hair Cutting Prank – See how to download the prank app


Initially, Hair Cutting Toy is the name of a prank app. That way, you can expect it to be an app full of funny pranks.

Despite its name, the application has many other games. So, if you like to scare or prank your friends, this app is ideal for you.


Therefore, among friends and family make the hair cutting joke will make everyone laugh a lot. Therefore, below, we will discuss more in depth about the features of this application.

hair cutting toy
Haircut prank (Google image)

“Playing a prank” with apps

Recently, with the success of applications such as Tik Tok and Kwai, many new games have made their way onto the web. That way, just enter the home screen of these applications to see several videos of pranks and scares.

Because of this, prank apps have gained more space on many people's smartphones. After all, in addition to being free, they have many options for games and are very simple to use.

And contrary to what many people think, the hair cutting prank app is not just for kids. That's because among the users there are many adults too.

What is the Hair Cutting Game all about?

As said earlier, it is an application that has several pranks. The most famous being a hair clipper simulator. So you can run it through your friends' hair so they think you have a clipper.

But the pranks don't stop there, quite the contrary. There are also options for embarrassing noises, such as farting sounds. Or, you can play pranks with razors and realistic hair clippers.

Other than that, there is also the fake video call prank. In short, it simulates a video call with several random people. You can troll your friends with celebrity video calls and much more.

Main features of the application

Now that you know more about the application you have hair cutting joke, let's talk more in depth about its features. In addition to those mentioned above, there are many others.

  • Detect lie game;
  • Game to detect veins;
  • Fake laser simulator;
  • Fake video call simulator;
  • fart sounds prank;
  • Broken cell phone screen simulator;
  • Hair cutting game with scissors;
  • Haircut simulator with sound and proximity sensor.

First of all, all games are healthy and just for laughs. So, the indication is to use the application's functions only for fun.

They all refer to simulators or sound games to scare or play pranks on others. In this way, it has no danger for children and is suitable for all age groups.

Some user reviews

To begin with, the application hair cutting joke has more than 10 million downloads. So, you can get an idea of the number of people who use or have used this application.

In general, the reviews are positive, but among them there are also indications of negative points. Many people said that the app is great and has many fun features.

On the other hand, the worst reviews said that the app sometimes crashed. Or, that it closed by itself unexpectedly. But, apparently, the new versions of the app don't have any more serious bugs.

What it takes to download Hair Cutting Prank

First of all, the application asks that some requirements be met before downloading it. So, the first thing you need is to have a smartphone with an Android version that is 5.0 or higher.

Another point worth mentioning is the size of the games and simulators software. To be able to enjoy the application on your smartphone you need to spend a total of 60MB. 

In addition, the app allows purchases as well. Other information is: the classification is free; requires some permissions; its last update was in December 2021; is an app by Duff HL Studio.

How to download and use the app?

At first, the application is only available for smartphones that run on the Android operating system. Soon, you find the app of hair cutting joke at play store.

Furthermore, all you have to do is click on “install” and start downloading the application. At the end, it will start the installation process and after a few seconds it will be ready to be used.

When opening the application, right on the home screen, you will come across his various pranks and simulators. So, you know, just choose which one you want to start with and go play pranks on your friends and family.