Free Draw App – See how to draw names and numbers by cell phone


Do you need to raffle names and numbers on your cell phone? It is possible to find on the Internet a free sweepstakes app. By the way, if the objective is to generate random results, then this app can be a good option. With a raffle app on your cell phone, you can raffle several things. Also, generate results fairly.

After all, with a free giveaway app on mobile you can raffle numbers, names and teams. As well as, heads or tails, dice and even customize the raffle items. In addition, you can define the list of items and the number limit for the draw. In this way, carrying out a draw will be much easier, practical and fun.


There are several situations in which a raffle application can be useful. Among them, a game night with friends to define who should start the round and still use the app as a given. As well as bingo and a game that needs to spin roulette wheels. So, learn more about this app.

Free Draw App
Free Draw App (Image from Google)

Functions available in this free giveaway app

This app is easy and convenient to use. And most importantly, it's free! You can draw as many numbers as you want. Also you define the sequence or if it will be random. As well as, what will be the maximum and minimum values that will draw. And it's not just numbers that this app draws.

If you want to draw people, just enter the names of each one, in addition to defining whether you want the result to be one name or more. In fact, everything that has a name you can raffle, such as prizes! Are you doing a raffle and want to raffle the winning names? This app does it for you!

Also, Teams mode can choose teams and teams more fairly as well as quickly. Furthermore, it can also be used as a die or even as more than one die. Also, you can choose how many sides the game dice should have, not being limited to the traditional 6 sides.

What's New in the Free Giveaway App

With the aim of making the user experience more and more enjoyable and fun, the app undergoes updates, and this time it was no different. New tweaks came out of the oven to help you even more in your raffles. In this way, see below the news of this free giveaway app in this new version:

  • display of bigger names when carrying out the draws;
  • if you want to see a name completely in the draw, just click on it;
  • during the drawing of numbers, when a ball is drawn, an animation occurs.

With these new updates to the app, it has become more practical and fun to carry out the sweepstakes. How about trying out this new version with bigger names in their draw and animations during the number draw? To learn more about the free giveaway app We have prepared more topics below:

What are the advantages of using this app?

The main advantage of having this raffle app on your cell phone is that it is free! Furthermore, it provides users with fair and non-addictive sweepstakes. Thus, when drawing a bingo number or a person's name in a raffle, the chances for all participants will be the same.

What's more, this free draw app fills the need for one or more dice during a board game, for example. Who never stopped playing a game with friends due to lack of data? With this app you and your friends won't have to cancel games for this reason.

Furthermore, another advantage of this free giveaway app is that it draws not only names of people, numbers and data, but also anything else you name. Therefore, be it prizes, menu items, animal names, colors, clothes, among others. Your imagination is the limit!

How to download and start using free giveaway app

Did you like the features of this app and want to download it on your cell phone? Know that to download it is easy and practical! Furthermore, with more than 500,000 downloads, the Sorteio Fácil app is available for both Android and iOS. In addition, in the App Store it reached the 106th position in the Utilities parameter.

In short, the Sorteio Fácil app is quite popular, given its user numbers. Every day it has gone through updates to make its interface more pleasant and the app more fun. How about being part of this team? To do so, follow the instructions below and have in the palm of your hands a tool capable of assisting you in all your draws.

Therefore, to download the Sorteio Fácil app is very practical. That way, just download the play store, if your phone is android. For IOS cell phones, the app can be downloaded through the app store. Finally, after downloading, you will only have to wait for the installation to complete.