Family locator app – Discover the best app


The family has always been an important asset to everyone. Therefore, knowing whether family members are safe or where they have gone is a form of care. With the advancement of technology, many items have emerged to bring us closer to those we love, including the cell phone. So always know where your family is using an app family locator.

It allows you to avoid worrying about not being attended to by your children or arriving home and not finding your family members. In this way, it is possible to observe their location easily and quickly, with just a few clicks on the cell phone. Besides, you'll be able to know the exact location you should go to when meeting someone.


But how is this possible? Cell phones are amazing tools that allow us to accomplish many tasks. In this way, cell phones can use GPS to allow sharing of location with family and friends. So, learn more about this tool that works as an app family locator.

family locator app
family locator app (Image from Google)

Learn more about the app family locator

If you're looking for an app that helps you locate family and friends in real time using GPS, you might like this option. In addition, it acts in an agile and simple way so that you don't get lost from those who matter. So, just choose who you want to send a message with your location and they'll know where you are.

Likewise, your friends can send you their location so you can find them wherever they are. If you want to share your location with more than one person, it's very simple. In fact, just create a group within the app with the people you want, and sharing your location will become more practical.

In addition, when sending your location to someone, the person does not need to log in or register in your app, just have access to the internet. In addition, on a single map you can access the location of all group members, making going to and from meetings much safer. See the advantages of this app below.

Advantages of using the app

There are several advantages that you and your friends can acquire by using this app. Among them, sharing the location with each other whenever they wish, and thus ensuring greater safety on the route. As well as being able to find each other in an easier way than the conventional one. See more benefits:

  • use it quickly and easily. What's more, you don't need to register or log in to the app;
  • let them see your location only as long as you want. In this way, mark the time that can be visible and it will expire automatically;
  • share where you are and your route in real time, your friends and family will have access to a dynamic map with your location;
  • for the people with whom you chose to share your location to have access, it is not necessary for them to download the app to view it;
  • browse mobile while sharing location. The app also runs in the background;
  • you can use it anywhere in the world, as long as you keep your GPS and internet active;
  • the app makes it easier to find friends at concerts and other crowded events;
  • also use it in case of emergencies and the services have to reach you quickly.

In this way, with the use of the application you will have the advantage of ensuring greater security in your daily life. In addition to providing your friends and family with information about your location in a practical and fast way. So how about trying out the advantages of the app? Learn how to download.

How to download and start using the app family locator

If you liked the functions and advantages that the app offers, so download quickly and easily. With more than 5 million downloads on the Play Store and ranked 87th in the Navigation category on the App Store, Glympse is the benchmark when it comes to locating. So, learn how to join the user group.

The Glympse app is available for Android and iOS systems. In this way, access play store Or the app store and click install to download it. Wait until the installation completes. And ready! After completing these steps, the app will now be available to be used on your cell phone. How about trying this tool?

That way, you just have to choose with whom and when to share your location. Remembering that you can create groups to share with several people at the same time in an easier and faster way. What's more, they won't need to have the app installed on their cell phone to access your location information.