Facetune photo editor – The best photo editing app


First of all, the facetune photo editor is one of the best in Photography. Therefore, it is widely used by those who love to edit photos with quality. By the way, it has two very good versions.

In short, with technology, smartphones have replaced cameras. Thus, many photo editing applications have been created. However, because of this variety it is difficult to choose which one to download.


In this sense, today we will talk more about the facetune photo editor. So, if you like this universe, be sure to learn more about this app. Also, take the opportunity to learn about the two versions of Facetune.

facetune photo editor
Facetune photo editor (Google image)

facetune photo editor 

Initially, Facetune was created to edit photos of faces. In short, the application has several features to retouch your photos. Therefore, it is ideal for hiding a pimple or blurring the skin.

In this sense, the application has many imperfection correction functions. In addition, it also has a variety of filters and made to beautify your selfie even more.

In this way, we will start talking about Facetune 1. First of all, facetune photo editor is available for iOS. Then, just open the app and choose a photo to start editing. 

Main functions of Facetune photo editor

Then we'll talk more about how to use photo editing app. That way, if you are looking for a good photography tool, be sure to follow the main functions of the app:

  • Soften skin imperfections;
  • Blur in specific regions;
  • Apply filters and other effects;
  • Change the color of objects.

So the facetune photo editor offers accurate and functional tools. Since the changes made to the photo are imperceptible.

In this sense, below we will talk more about the stages of editing a selfie. So, if you want to learn how to use Facetune, be sure to keep following along. After all, who doesn't want a perfect photo?

First step 

First of all, this “Smooth” tool is ideal for hiding imperfections. Just to illustrate, you can hide blemishes and frown lines. So, to do this, just zoom in and drag the brush where you think it's necessary.

Soon after, the Details tab serves to highlight certain points. For example, you can make your eye color more realistic. So, just zoom in and drag the brush wherever you want.

Then the next tab of Facetune photo editor is Makeover. Therefore, it is in this part where you can change face shapes. Also you can modify chin, nose and ears. So just zoom in and select the region.

Second stage

At first, the Mend tab also helps you remove things from your photo. Therefore, it is another option to remove stains, pimples, lines of expression, etc. So, for that, just select a space and move to where you want to retouch.

Then you will see that two circles will appear. That way, just place the first one on top of the imperfection. Then, place the second one in a clean area. Finally, the second circle will replace the first.

Finally, this tool facetune photo editor Allows you to change colors. That way, you can change the colors of your clothes, lighten or darken your skin and apply makeup. So just choose the color from the palette.

Facetune photo editor – Version 2

Initially, Facetune's second photo editor app has many options. In addition to that, this application has already been released for free. Therefore, it allows automatic adjustments to photos of users' faces. Not to mention other tools.

Firstly, the “retouch” option is very similar to Facetune 1. Therefore, you can use it to remove blemishes, pimples or expression lines. Then just select the area and drag the brush to correct.

Continuing, in this tab of the facetune photo editor 2, you can change your face shapes. That way you just have to choose which part you want to change. Finally, just drag the slider to slim or enlarge the face.

How to download facetune photo editor

Firstly, it is worth noting the success of the application. That way, since its release, both versions remain high among apps of the type. Being very chosen because of their functions and for not leaving the photo artificial.

That said, if you're looking for an app to edit your photos, facetune photo editor it is the best option. In particular, for selfie-style photos. But, it can also be used to edit landscape photos, for example.

Finally, Facetune 1 is available for iOS and the second version for android and Android. So to download and start using it is very simple. In short, just go to your app store, Play Store or App Store and look for the app.