Make money playing video games – Learn more how to make extra money


Are you looking to secure an extra income and stretch the money at the end of the month? We have the solution. And yet, how about doing it while having fun? Yeah, it sounds like a lie, but it's not. With this extra income option, you can earn money playing video games! After all, earning money doing what you like is much better.

So yes, this is possible. Today, there are games on the market to earn money online. During the game you accumulate coins, and after a certain amount you can withdraw them. In addition, in addition to this, there was the growth of online games in Brazil. The Game Brasil Survey indicates that at least 75% of the population is adept at games.


Incidentally, there are so many people in the world who participate in electronic games that the IOC (International Olympic Committee) itself thought about the possibility of adding this category to the 2024 Olympics in Paris. So, see below for an option to earn money playing video games and guarantee an extra income having fun.

Earn money playing video games
Earn money playing video games (Playback: Google)

As earn money playing video games? Know more about the game!

This game is a great option for anyone who wants to have fun and earn money at the same time. It works with questions and answers on various topics, including culture, music, science, movies and others. In addition to playing and having fun, you'll still test your knowledge and it will help you learn more things.

In addition, it also works as a quiz and logo game. Prizes are awarded through free scratcher, slot machines etc. There are unlimited prize options to help you guarantee an extra income. Also, you can take a test every day that will help you to know more about yourself.

Also, although you can play alone, if you prefer, you can challenge friends and other people around the world. That is, you can have fun with your friends and family and help them earn money. How about trying it out? earn money playing video games? So, learn more about the advantages of this game below:

What are the advantages of using this game?

If you're thinking about starting to use this game, know that the advantages for users are countless. However, the main one is the possibility to play games, answer questionnaires, have fun and still guarantee an extra income. In this way, see below more advantages about this game that helps you earn money:

  • with it, in addition to having fun alone in a game of questions and answers, you can still invite friends and family to play together. In addition, you will be able to people from all over the world;
  • are question and answer games on various topics. Therefore, you can choose subjects that you like the most to challenge other users;
  • there are thousands of questions to answer. That way, you never have to repeat them;
  • the game is completely free. Therefore, you won't have to pay anything to acquire it, and you'll also earn money using it;
  • take a professional test every day to get to know yourself better;
  • use the game on your cell phone and play it anytime of the day and anywhere;
  • no internet or wifi is needed to be able to use the game;
  • the value acquired becomes possible to withdraw from 10 dollars. In this way, after accumulating the value of 10 dollars, it is enough to request, in an easy and practical way, the withdrawal of the money by paypal.

In addition to these advantages, you will still receive free coins and rewards every day. If you get stuck in any level of the game, it is allowed to use items such as props to help you pass the test. Plus, guarantee prizes while having fun playing this game with countless questions and challenges.

How to download, start using and earn money playing video games

If you liked the game and the advantages it provides to players, learn how to use it. Furthermore, for this you will need download it on your cell phone. It's fast, easy, secure and completely free. How about using Quiz Time to have fun with friends and expand your knowledge?

The Quiz Time game is available for Android. To download it, just go to play store and download. Wait until the installation is complete and voila! Quiz Time will be available for you to access and earn money playing video games. So how about trying it out? Download now and guarantee the numerous advantages of this game to earn money.

Access the game, answer the questionnaires, guarantee the daily prizes and accumulate the coins! There are several categories for you, your friends and family to have fun together. Also, after accumulating the value of 10 dollars in the game, request payment through paypal. That way, it's easy and practical to ensure your fun and extra income.