Duolingo to learn English – Learn how to download the app


As you may already know, you can use the Duolingo to learn English. And that's exactly what many people do to learn or to improve not just this language, but many others.

Currently, knowing a second language is very important for several reasons. Especially for those who want to enter the job market or upgrade their CV. Or even, for those who want to travel to other countries.


So, use the Duolingo to learn English it is yet another solution that technology has created. So, to know what it is and how to use this application, continue with our today's article.

Duolingo to learn English
Duolingo to learn English (Google image)

Contextualizing the Duolingo App

First of all, how about learning more about the app? To begin with, Duolingo is a platform focused on learning different languages. What's more, it is considered the most popular application in this category.

According to the platform itself, the service has more than 300 million active students. In addition, the idea of the application is to bring learning through lessons that are very similar to games.

In short, users learn through puzzles and other fun lessons. However, the method seems to help a lot who wants to learn a new language, especially those who have more difficulties.

How does the app work?

As we said earlier, the Duolingo to learn English it is not a conventional teaching method. And it is precisely because of this that learning becomes easier and more fun. 

In this way, it works like a game. In it, students need to pass lower levels to reach higher ones. So that it is possible to receive prizes and also punishments, in case of hits and misses.

Another piece of information that is worth mentioning is that the application works with the proposal of content fixation by repetition. So, as the words are repeated, the student will memorize them better.

What can you learn with Duolingo?

Currently, in Brazil, a total of 6 courses are available for those who want to use Duolingo. And the best part is that you can learn all languages if you want. Then find out which courses are offered by the application.

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Esperanto

The languages most sought after by Brazilian users are: English, Spanish and French. According to information from the application itself, in Brazil alone 30 million users use the Duolingo to learn English.

Despite this, the application is under constant development. Soon, new languages will be available on the learning platform. By the way, the platform does not charge for services, users learn for free.

Main advantages of using the application to learn English

Evidently, the main reason for using the Duolingo to learn English is the fact that the service is free. In addition, the platform is very easy to use and has an intuitive and simple to use interface.

Next, another advantage of learning using the application is the possibility of trying out a new method. Because he uses a method that is very reminiscent of a game, it makes it much easier to assimilate the content.

Finally, another benefit is practicality and portability. This means that users can study from anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection.

Main disadvantages of using the application to learn English

On the other hand, learning with Duolingo can be tricky for those who like to interact with teachers. The application does not have any monitoring service or interaction with teachers.

In addition to that, the application focuses on writing. So users looking to improve speaking or reading can end up being left out of the loop. Another downside is that Duolingo doesn't teach grammar.

Finally, in lessons that require the student to speak into the microphone, voice recognition is not very efficient. This can cause users to end up losing points and suffering punishment.

Tips to optimize English learning

Firstly, it is recommended that users have more contact with the language. This can be done by watching more series and movies in English, listening to music, etc.

Also, for those who want to focus on conversation, the ideal is to start training alone. Next, it's worth trying to communicate with people who have English as their native language.

Finally, another tip is to carry out English level tests. They are important for you to apply the knowledge you have studied. Not to mention that it can be important for the fixation of knowledge.

How to download the Duolingo app to learn English

First off, Duolingo is a application geared towards mobile devices. Soon, it is available for download in app stores for Android and iOS devices.

So the first step is to look for Duolingo on play store or in app store. After that, just download and install the app. Next, the next step is to create an account on the platform.

It's all very simple and fast. So, in a few minutes you can already start using the Duolingo to learn English. However, remember to always save your progress in the app.