Apps to train English – Discover how to learn faster


Learning a new language is a great option for anyone looking for new opportunities. Especially English, which is the most spoken language in the world. Thus, apps to train english can help you with the conversation. They connect students around the world at different levels of English to native speakers.

Therefore, language learning becomes more dynamic and fun. However, there are apps that use other resources, such as teaching the language through audio. Thus, it is another alternative for those who find it more comfortable to study individually.


Still, there are options for apps for those who want to have a more complete learning experience. And, in this way, they only intend to clarify doubts about slang and terms. Please see below for a list of options for apps to train english and find out which one is best for you.

English training apps
English training apps (Image from Google)

1. Hello Talk – English training apps

Hello Talk is a great option for anyone who wants to learn and train English and other languages through conversation. The app works as a social network that connects students via chat from different parts of the world. In addition, it also allows other resources to facilitate language learning.

Among them, the correction of sentences. Students can correct sentences written by others. In this way, they will also practice writing. And yet, for those who have difficulty setting up and reading periods, the app provides a translation feature. In addition to making phone calls, students also have access to other opportunities for contact with each other.

Among them, the sending of audios and photos. Therefore, students have access to a complete learning environment for greater efficiency in language learning. The Hello Talk app is available for free download on Android and IOS at play store It is app store. How about trying this tool?

2. HiNative

HiNative is an app that allows students to connect with native speakers for faster language learning. Users communicate through questions such as “Does this sound natural?”, “What's the difference”, “Ask anything”, and native speakers send the answers. 

See the functions of the app:

  • the user can ask questions about the desired languages;
  • students interact with native speakers through questions and answers;
  • native speakers translate words and phrases for students;
  • there is the possibility of choosing more than one language.

It's an interesting tool, even more so in languages that are native to different countries and cultures. Therefore, other meanings can be given to equal terms. Finally, the app is available for Android and IOS, on play store It is app store. How about being part of HiNative users?

3. Slowly

The idea of the app is interesting and a great option for those who want to practice writing and conversation the old-fashioned way. The user writes letters to people from different languages and locations around the world. These letters are sent to registered users in the app. Depending on the distance to be traveled, they may take a while to be delivered.

Before knowing who to send the letters to, it is necessary to fill in some data in the app. Among them, the desired language, fluency level, topics of interest, such as books, movies and hobbies, so that the combination of users can be made. That is, the more topics you mark, the greater the chances of finding someone who shares the same ideas and tastes.

Moreover, this application to train English and other foreign languages is available for Android and IOS systems, and can be downloaded at play store and on app store. After the installation is complete, just fill in the data and select the topics of interest. How about trying this app to learn new languages?

4. AirTripp – English training apps

AirTripp is a good app option to train English. Furthermore, it works as a social network. In this way, users can post photos, texts and videos. As well as visiting profiles and adding other users as friends. In this way, the app allows the interaction of people from different parts of the world.

Also, AirTrip users can chat via chat. And therefore, train communication with people of other languages. In addition, the chats have a translation tool, to help users in the conversation if necessary. Furthermore, the app has an interesting feature that can help you travel around the world.

This resource works as gift exchanges, which are points, between its users. Points can be used to purchase airline tickets. Finally, AirTripp can be downloaded for Android and IOS at play store and on app store. So, how about trying this app to train English and guarantee points for your airline tickets?