Sleep Better Apps – Learn how to improve sleep quality


You apps to sleep better are being sought more and more by people. Learn more about this app category right now.

Initially, the apps to sleep better are great allies for those who have some difficulty sleeping. Therefore, they end up being extremely necessary for a portion of the Brazilian population that suffers from this situation.


In this sense, it is yet another example of how technology can help with common problems. Thus, the mobile application sector invests more and more in health solutions today.

apps to sleep better
Apps to sleep better (image from Google)

Tips for better sleep

In addition to using apps to sleep better, other tips can also be followed to improve sleep quality. So if you suffer from sleep loss, the ideal is to set a time to go to bed. So creating a daily routine.

Then, another tip is to avoid using appliances that emit light when you lie down. In other words, this means that you should leave your cell phone, tablets and the like in bed. As well as, it is indicated that the television is turned off to avoid light and sound.

Furthermore, your bedroom environment should be conducive to a good sleep. Being that the recommended thing is to keep a dark environment. Finally, we will talk about the apps to sleep better. Thus, the ideal is to combine these tips with the use of these applications.

Digital Wellbeing: Sleeping Better With Help From Android

First of all, Digital Wellbeing is a free feature and available for Android only. In short, it is a tool specific to devices with the Android operating system. So you can use it anytime.

That way, when you activate the Digital Wellbeing function, you can tinker with some settings. So you can adjust the mode called “Sleeptime”. In this way, you can change some functions in order to respect your sleep.

In this sense, this tool manages to change the tones of the screen to a grayer color. In addition, it changes preferences for notifications, voice calls and alerts. 

Importance of using apps to sleep better

At first, the recommendation for an adult person is to have a full night's sleep of 8 hours a day. Being that sleep deprivation can cause serious health problems. In this sense, the consequences of a good night's sleep include: 

  • avoid overweight problems;
  • maintaining an adequate weight; 
  • allows the normal functioning of the organism;
  • decreases the risk of heart disease; 
  • reduces stress levels; 
  • improves mood; 
  • helps with concentration; 
  • prevents premature aging;
  • prevents other diseases; 
  • controls diseases like anxiety.

In this way, combined with a regulated diet and the practice of physical activities, sleeping well is what dictates a healthier life. Thus, having a good sleep habit helps in the immune system; acts in the production of hormones and helps in memory.

To finish, the apps to sleep better are ideal for finding ways to improve your sleep. So, if you want to improve the quality of your sleep, the ideal is to combine the tips above with the use of these apps. However, you need to know some information.

How to use apps to sleep better 

Anyway, I realized that sleep is something very important in our daily lives. However, many people still suffer from insomnia problems. Or even not having a good quality of sleep. In this way, technology created a way to help.

Therefore, the ideal is to use the tips that we present here. As well as, it is necessary to use a good app to sleep better. In particular, because they are developed from scientific and medical knowledge. So they are reliable and safe.

But, it is worth noting that those who have sleep problems should seek medical help. Because the causes can be of both physiological and psychological origins. So sleep apps are just palliative care to help you.

How to download apps to sleep better

Then we'll talk about one of the best apps to sleep better. In this way, we are talking about the application called Persono. So in short, this app helps you monitor your sleep. Specifically, for combining the app with a pillow and sensor.

In other words, this means that you must have a pillow that follows a technology combined with the application. This way, you can have access to accurate data about characteristics of the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that your sleep data will all be recorded through a sensor. Therefore, Persono is free and available for Android and iOS devices. And, you can download it through the play store or da app store.