Tracking Kids App – See how to track kids location


Often, the use of child tracking app becomes indispensable. In fact, people sometimes forget that the Internet also has negative sides. Especially in relation to its use by children.

However, at the same time that technology can become harmful for minors, it can bring solutions. And that is the premise of the tool that aims to take care of its users' children.


If you have children and are concerned about their experience with the Internet or with a cell phone or tablet, you need to know what child tracking app. Then check out more information about this service and learn how to use it.

Application to track children
Application to track children (Image from Google)

Learn more about child tracking app

First of all, it is a software from the company Google created to monitor the use of applications by children. Therefore, it is recommended for children aged 13 and under.

It is worth highlighting the operation of this application. Through it, parents can control the activity of minors. And for that, a special account is created for children's use.

After that, parents get to know everything their kids are doing on the Internet. In addition, you can control the type of content they seek or access. 

How to use activity tracking app

At first, you need to create an account of your own for the child to use. That way, this will be the account that will be linked with the parent's account. But for this it is necessary that the device used is Android or iOS.

Simply put, parents will receive security alerts in the form of notifications every time their child downloads an app. Since the notification is made according to the age indication of the application in question.

In general, apps are categorized according to the age required to access them. Just to exemplify, there are applications for children over 3 years old, over 6 years old… even over 17 years old.

Functions that stand out in this tool

Contrary to what you might be thinking, the child tracking app it doesn't monitor just the applications part. So, let's deal with the main functions that this tool makes available to parents.

  • Cell phone usage timer;
  • Remote blocking, for the child to disconnect from the cell phone;
  • Site blocking for people over 18 years of age;
  • Creation of reports on cell phone use by the child;
  • Hide inappropriate apps for the child's age group;
  • Location of the device used by the child.

As stated earlier, the child tracking app it is of paramount importance. Especially when you think of all the dangers the Internet can offer to those who are inexperienced in using it. 

After all, currently, apart from content unsuitable for minors, there are many types of scams and crimes committed virtually. So, it is worth thinking about using this tool for the sake of the protection and safety of children.

Other reasons to use the service

In addition to everything, the child tracking app it also helps to promote the well-being of the child. This is because with reports on cell phone use, you can tell if the child has a lot of screen time, for example.

In addition, you can also block the use of the cell phone for a predetermined time. What an ideal function for mealtimes or doing homework and schoolwork.

Finally, another advantage of using this application is that it prevents children from shopping online. In this way, parents can take control of various virtual activities.

Tips for controlling cell phone use by children

First of all, it is known that the child tracking app it is important and useful. However, it's also worth talking to your child to teach them about healthy technology use.

First of all, it is necessary to draw attention to the dangers that the Internet can hide. Don't talk to strangers, don't provide personal data, don't access inappropriate websites...

Conversation is essential to better explain the negative sides of the Internet. After all, children often search for subjects they are curious about.

How to download the app to track children

In short, the child tracking app it's Google Family Link. It is a Google tool that allows monitoring of Internet use by minors. And it is being used more and more by parents.

Like other types of application, Google Family Link must be downloaded through your app store. So remember that it is available for both Android and iOS devices.

So you can easily find it on the play store and on app store. Furthermore, after downloading, you can now link your child's account to your account.