Application that increases the speed of the Internet – Get to know it now


First of all, the app that increases internet speed is gaining more and more space. Mainly because of the oscillations and problems of data providers. Situations that have been increasingly recurring.

Therefore, many people are suffering from slow internet. So, app developers came up with new solutions to this problem. That way, there are currently several app options to improve your Internet.


Anyway, are you experiencing a slow Internet situation? So get to know your options app that increases internet speed. After all, remember that having a good connection is essential these days.

Application that increases internet speed
Application that increases Internet speed (Google image)

Know why your Internet is slow

At first there are many reasons why your connection seems to be slow. Just to exemplify, you may be experiencing problems with your router or modem. But, the slowness can also be associated with your ISP.

This means that you may not be getting the amount of data you are paying for. In that case, you can run a speed test to see what the problem is. So, if this really is the reason, you can contact the data provider.

But, slow Internet can also be due to the poor positioning of your router. So, it is worth noting the location of the device within your home. Since the ideal is that he is in a place without many obstacles for the signal to pass.

Some information about this type of application

Beforehand, it is worth remembering that these applications will not be able to work miracles. In other words, this means that if your Internet has a low capacity, this will not change. Likewise, you won't see changes in speed test data.

That is, in the end it means that this application will only help you to improve the slowness. So it's perfect for troubleshooting latency issues, for example. That is, if you suffer from slowdowns in online games, this service is ideal.

Currently, the market has many options for app that increases internet speed. So, today, we will discuss the best option for this type of application. Then follow along more about this app's features and continue here to learn how to download it.

Key Features of Internet Speed Booster App

As a result of the best app that increases internet speed, you will be able to browse with a faster connection speed. In addition, the app can do other functions. Just to illustrate, some functions will be mentioned below.

  • Can fix the lag;
  • Decreases the slowness of the Internet connection;
  • Works with 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi connection;
  • Optimizes the DNS service;
  • Detects Internet signal problems and fixes them;
  • Supports various DNS services.

In that sense, the app that increases internet speed can fix the problems that may be causing the slowdown. And the best part is that everything happens so quickly. 

Finally, in the sequel we will discuss better how this application works. So you can understand more about your performance. Next, we'll teach you how to download the best app in this category.

How does the app work?

Primarily, the magic happens from a single touch. Thus, the application manages to find and connect the best DNS server. Through this process it is possible to find the best path for the data to transit.

But, this does not mean that the speed of the Internet itself increases. In summary, what will happen is the improvement in the slowness with which data travels. Finally, this will be enough to reduce latency and ping, for example.

Furthermore, the process that app that increases internet speed performs, it can improve navigation time. So, as a consequence you can browse the web with a lower response time.

How to download the application that increases the speed of the Internet

Firstly, the best option for this type of service is the application Net Optimizer. So it works in a very simple way. In short, it improves the connection with the DNS server. Thus, it manages to optimize data packet routes.

To begin with, with just one tap Net Optimizer can find and connect the DNS server. Automatically, it is able to perceive network oscillations, so it can work on corrections. Finally, it works for all types of connections, mobile or Wi-Fi.

Anyway, is your connection slow? So downloading this app is very simple. That way, all you have to do is search for Net Optimizer in your app store. Remembering that it is only available for Android. So find it on play store.