Application To Watch Novela – How To Download The Best Free


download a soap opera app and track everything on your cell phone for free. After all, you don't want to miss an important episode of your favorite TV show. Fortunately, we can resort to a multitude of platforms for “streaming” for that, it remains to know which are the best.

Speaking of soap operas, we could not fail to mention the passion of Brazilians for this type of program. By the way, not only in Brazil, but all over the world, billions of people have the habit of sitting in front of the TV to watch. Conduct, there are good explanations for this and we will show.


So get ready to discover a efficient soap opera app. Also, see some curiosities about this soap opera tradition, why people don't get tired of some stories and remember some titles that marked hearts. Keep reading and check it all out.

Application to watch telenovela
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Reason for the success of this type of entertainment

If you are interested in a soap opera app, so know that you are not alone. Although there are several films and series available, a good soap opera never goes out of style. To better understand what we are talking about, see below some reasons for the success of soap operas:

Traditionalism: The most popular soap operas are broadcast at night. This is because, since the days of radio, it is customary for the family to have dinner and get together to follow a story;

controversies: Generally, they bring controversial subjects of the moment. Thus, they totally hold the audience's attention;

Diversity: Soap operas are for everyone, that is, they are not limited to just one type of people. They narrate life stories of housewives, farmhands, rich, poor, students, businessmen and so on;

Simplicity: Written under simple plots, the telenovelas do not intend to be very complex or with metalanguages. The focus is simply to generate identification.

In addition, soap operas reflect the world, taking people to places they did not imagine existed. Not to mention that they show a diversity of cultures. By the way, in 1995, in the middle of the war in the former Yugoslavia, both sides stop for a few days. Why? To watch the last chapters of the telenovela Escrava Isaura.

Novels that scored

Some application options for watching soap operas offer a very interesting feature: View old soap operas. So, if you're a true novelist, you need to download one of these apps that will take you to a “Worth seeing again”. Recall the following notable Brazilian TV titles:

  • The clone – Gloria Peres, 2001;
  • Pantanal – Ruy Barbosa, 1990;
  • xica da Silva – Waldyr Carrasco, 1996;
  • The Slave Isaura – Bernardo Guimarães, 1985;
  • Family relationships – Manoel Carlos, 2000;
  • Brazil Avenue – João Emanuel Carneiro, 2012;
  • Lady of destination – Aguinaldo Silva, 2004;
  • The ten Commandments – Vivian de Oliveira, 2015;
  • king of cattle – Ruy Barbosa, 1997.

So, these are just some of the productions that marked the history of Brazilian telenovelas. Furthermore, great artists such as Adriana Esteves, carminha by Avenida Brasil and Renata Sorrah, Nazareth Tedesco in Senhora do Destino, will certainly not be forgotten by the public that loves soap operas.

Why use a streaming app

After all, why resort to an application to watch soap operas? The fact is that, although there is always a very interesting soap opera to watch live on TV, it is not always possible to be in front of the small screen in prime time. As we already know, on TV they don't repeat the chapter you missed.

So, faced with this situation, the best alternative is to take advantage of streaming tools that transmit the same content as the TV. Thus, you can watch live on your cell phone while the soap opera is on TV. In addition, you can review any chapter you missed, at the time you prefer.

Furthermore, another great advantage of using one of these applications is the possibility of watching old soap operas, such as those mentioned above. Generally, the broadcaster on which the soap opera was broadcast makes the plots available for reruns on their platforms. streaming.

Application options to watch telenovela

If you've come this far and want to know which is the best app to watch soap operas on your cell phone, then let's get down to business. By the way, we are going to present not just one, but three good options to follow your favorite TV shows. Check the list and then see how to download it on your cell phone.

  • GloboPlay: Streaming from TV Globo;
  • SBT: New SBT video platform;
  • Netflix: famous for its films and series, it also has some soap operas in its catalogue;
  • PlayPlus: Streaming from Grupo Record;
  • NOW: NET operator's video platform;
  • DirecTV Go: Streaming video similar to Netflix.

It is worth noting that most platforms and official video from TV stations offer free content. In this case, live broadcasts of soap operas are included. However, to access soap operas that have already ended, it is most likely that you will need to purchase a subscription plan on the channel.

how to download a soap opera app

Now you know you can use a application to watch soap opera and enjoy all the content “online” and live on mobile. But anyway, how to download? If this was your question, know that it is very simple and we will show you a step by step to help you. Then just log in and enjoy.

  • First, go to your phone's app store, Android or iOs;
  • Then tap on the search tab and enter the name of the app you want to download;
  • The application will appear in the first search results, click on it;
  • Finally, click the download button “Install” or “To obtain”.

The use of any of the indicated platforms is quite intuitive, so anyone can try it. Also, if you want to know other forms of entertainment, check out other content we share. So, if you liked the tip, go to our blog and see more.