Voice Translate App – Find out how to converse in another language


The challenge of getting in touch with other cultures and dialects is increasingly present in the lives of young people. In this way, the app to translate voice it can be used on trips, when the local language is still not known fluently, by students, for a conversation with foreigners, among other reasons.

The tool was created with the aim of helping people who speak different languages communicate. In this way, it is possible to have a long conversation that perhaps could not take place without the help of the app. Moreover, it all depends on the level of knowledge of the foreign language. So it's a very useful innovation these days.


If you like the idea of using a voice translation app, check out this app. Furthermore, it is effective for voice translation and will help you to converse in another language without hindrance. So how about knowing more about this app to translate voice? See more information below.

app to translate voice
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Know about the app to translate voice

This app is a great option for anyone who travels a lot to countries that have different languages, or even for anyone who wants to learn more about numerous languages. In addition, with the app it is possible to translate voices into 95 different languages. Also, it works as voice translator and dictionary.

Also, with this app you can speak in different languages and translate offline. Just download the languages you want beforehand. And the best, all of this for free! In addition, when using the app you can access a library composed of terms, meanings and synonyms for each word.

This app is available for free download at the main electronic stores for smartphone systems. In addition, it has more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store and occupies the 178th position in the Reference category on the App Store. See below about the advantages of downloading this app to translate voice.

Advantages of the app

Several are the advantages that you will guarantee when using this app to translate voice. The main one is the fact that you can count on the app to help you maintain a conversation with a foreigner. In addition, even not being fluent in the language. In this way, see more advantages that the app makes available to users:

  • speak the words in another language and the app returns with the translation;
  • with the use of the app you will have access to translations for more than 90 languages, among them spanish, english, german, italian, french, turkish, among others;
  • if you want to use the offline translations, just download the languages and you will be able to access them even without internet;
  • perform language translations through photos, without having to transcribe the words to the cell phone. That way, just point the camera and the app will translate;
  • If you wish, the app can read the translations. That way, you can hear the pronunciation of each word;
  • no need to copy and paste, translate entire web pages right in the app;
  • the app performs visual recognition of texts;
  • translate words and phrases in other apps on your phone;
  • use the dictionary to learn the meaning of new words in different languages. As well as terms and slang;
  • save translations to history and mark favorites. That way, you'll have access to them at any time.

These and other advantages you will have access to when downloading the app. The visual text recognition function can be used to translate a menu, or pamphlets, signs, books, and other objects that have written words. That way, just take a picture of the item with the text you want to know the translation.

Learn how to download and start using app to translate voice

If you liked the functions and advantages of using aapplication to translate voice, learn how to download and get started. How about trying the Yandex Translate app? Downloading it on your cell phone is simple, fast, and best of all, free! So, here's how to download this app that will help you with translations on a daily basis.

O app to translate voice It is available for Android and IOS systems. Therefore, to download Yandex Translate, just access the play store Or the app store and download the app. After the download starts, wait for the installation to complete. And ready! The app is now available for use on your mobile phone!

In addition, Yandex Translate also has a web version. There are more than 10 million app downloads. How about taking it with you on your trips to other countries, talking to foreigners or using it when studying other languages? Start using it and get access to all the advantages that this app offers to its users.