Application to simulate a beard – Take the free trial with this app


First of all, the app to simulate beard is being more and more sought after among the male public. Thus, many men use the app to find out how they would look with the most different beard and mustache styles.

However, anyone who thinks that only men use this application is mistaken. Many women have also been testing the app to be able to play and share their male version on the social network.


In that sense, the app to simulate beard is having great success. So, do you want to know how you would look with a beard and mustache? So, follow our application tip to simulate these characteristics.

Application to simulate beard
App to simulate a beard (Google image)

Main advantages of using the simulation application

First of all, a beard is one of a man's most striking natural accessories. Therefore, the app to simulate beard arrives at a great time. Mainly because having a beard is now about more than just having hair on your face.

Thus, the fact of having a beard has created a style among men. Thus, the beard simulation app is excellent for knowing which type of beard each one would look best with.

In addition, this app is also being used a lot in barbershops. Thus, the bearded client can get an idea of how he would look if he adopted a different beard style. Whether it's shorter, longer, colorful, more or less full...

Some Disadvantages of Using the Simulation App

So, as we know, everything has its downside. So, although beard simulation apps have their benefits, there is also a downside.

Thus, one of the disadvantages is the expectation that the app to simulate beard ends up generating in its users. After all, the results of an application can be quite different from those obtained in real life.

So the best way to deal with this expectation is to think that the results might be a little different. In this sense, it is necessary to consider many aspects of your beard, such as the amount, the thickness of the hairs, the direction of growth, etc.

How to use the application to simulate a beard?

First of all, these apps use users' photos to create a montage on top of them. So, to be able to simulate a new beard style is very simple. So, follow this step by step and enjoy the function:

  • Choosing the app: First of all, you need to choose which app to download and use. 
  • Taking the perfect photo: Next you need to have a nice photo.
  • Choosing your new beard: After all, you must enter the application to simulate the chosen beard. So, just insert your best photo.
  • Results: After just a few seconds, you can already see how you would look with a different beard style. 
  • Share and enjoy: Finally, applications that simulate a beard usually have the option to save the result and share it on social networks. 

In that sense, beard simulation apps are a big hit among men today. This is yet another way for technology to facilitate simple day-to-day processes. 

However, with the app market being renewed every day, it becomes difficult to choose which app to download and use. Because of this, today we are going to talk about the best app option of its kind. So all you have to do is keep reading.

How does the app work?

First of all, the mockup app works like a collages app. Therefore, he can superimpose several beard effects on the chosen photo. In this way, you can make several simulations in the same photo.

In addition, the application makes the collages very natural. That is, no getting that appearance of drawings in your photo. Especially because the beard effects are quite realistic.

So, you can choose from many options and styles. Not to mention the variety of colors and sizes of beards and mustaches. Then we will talk more about how to download this application for beard simulation.

How to download the application to simulate a beard

Then our best option application to simulate a beard is GroomTribe Styling and Shaving. In short, all you have to do is add a photo and choose a style. 

Thus, its operation is very easy and practical. So, just insert the chosen photo to start. Soon after, you will choose which beard model you like best among the various options offered. Finally, just wait and share.

In that sense, downloading GroomTribe Styling and Shaving is very easy. In short, just look for the app in your phone's app store. Since the app to simulate beard is available at play store and on app store