"SOS Woman" application: victims can ask for help with one click


Learn all about the app SOS Woman, new tool created to help women at risk. The app is aimed at those who have protective measures granted by the Court of Justice of São Paulo - TJSP. Basically, the goal is to enable a quick call for help.

According to National Human Rights Ombudsman - ONDH, by the month of July 2022, more than thirty-one thousand complaints of violence against women had already been registered. However, not all victims manage to register the case. Because of this, this statistic can be even more frightening.


So, as SOS Woman app it is much easier to ask for help, just a click on the cell phone for a Military Police vehicle to be sent to the location shortly. To find out how the tool works and how to use this new security measure, check out the information below.

woman SOS app
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about domestic violence

A ONDH receives cases of domestic violence frequently. These complaints cover five types of violence: physical, psychological, moral, sexual and patrimonial. Although the victim often shows clear signs, he is not always identified by the people around him.

So, it is important to understand the different forms of aggression and be aware of the possible signs emitted by the victim. By the way, they are often silent signals. But by doing so, you could be saving a woman's life or even making yourself aware of when to call for help.

According to psychologists, one of the most common signs among women who suffer some type of domestic aggression is social withdrawal due to the aggressor's encouragement. So, to help fight this evil, we must spread the reporting channels, one of them being the SOS Woman app.

cycles of violence

Before showing how to download and use the SOS woman application, let's understand about the cycles of domestic violence. Thus, it will be easier to identify risk situations and possibly avoid yet another case of femicide in Brazil. In the following list, we highlight some actions that constitute aggression:

  • Physical violence: Any act that violates the health or integrity of the woman's body, such as spanking, throwing objects, pushing, kicking, burning, injuring, squeezing or shaking;
  • sexual violence: Any act that leads a woman to engage in, maintain or witness a sexual relationship without her consent;
  • Psychological violence: Any act that causes emotional damage or that affects the woman's self-esteem, such as: humiliation, insult, blackmail or embarrassment;
  • heritage violence: Any act that involves removing or destroying the fruits of her own work, such as money, assets, material goods or objects of personal value;
  • moral violence: Any act that offends or disgraces women in society, examples of which are false accusations and name-calling in front of friends.

It is noteworthy that the vast majority of victims do not even pass through the protection network. Many of them believe that violence consists only in the act of physical violence, which is actually not true. Therefore, help should be triggered at the first sign of any of the situations mentioned above.

Who can use the SOS Woman application

The SOS Woman application is an initiative of Sao Paulo's State Government to help fight cases of femicide. So, the tool can be used by all women who are under protective measure issued by the TJSP. So, with the measure active, just install the app that is available for android It is iOS.

Undoubtedly, the tool still serves as an incentive for other women to seek the TJSP to request the protective measure. Since, many times, they do not find confidence in this protection process. But with the app help can be requested quickly without the aggressor noticing.

In short, being under protective measures and having the app installed on your cell phone, you only need to register. After that, the woman will be included in the database and will have more security. Beforehand, know that the whole process is very intuitive, making it easy to access for anyone.

How access to the SOS Woman application works

So, as we already mentioned, using the SOS Mulher application is quite simple. To understand better, let's talk about how it works. Basically, all women who are registered in the app's database will be able to quickly request help when they are in a dangerous situation.

We know that when it comes to domestic violence, every second matters. Therefore, help through the application is triggered by just pressing a button for a period of five seconds. Thus, with just this action, a Occurrence of Risk to Physical Integrity.

It is important to point out that the occurrence is sent directly to the Military Police Operations Centers – COPOM from all over the state of São Paulo, then, in a few minutes a vehicle will be on the spot. The automated service will undoubtedly help in the process of combating this crime.

Other reporting channels

Surely now you know how to use the SOS Woman application. So, don't miss out on this one. protection measure. However, if you do not reside in the state of São Paulo, know that there are other service channels. In this case, for victims of domestic violence anywhere in the country.

So, one of the best-known channels to assist women at risk is the Call 180. The service is managed by Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights – MMFDH. Through the channel, it is possible to report violence and also obtain information and guidance on women's rights.

Call 180 can be activated by several means, the main one being the free call to the number 180. Other means are: Access the ONDH website, use the app Human Rights Brazil or type "Brazilian human rights” on the Telegram network. In addition to these, you can still add the contact “(61) 99656 5008” and activate the channel through WhatsApp. Anyway, if you liked the text, accompany our blog and see other interesting subjects. We share tips, information about social benefits, news and much more.